PostFinance car insurance

Individual, flexible – at top prices

With PostFinance car insurance, you can enjoy trouble-free driving in your vehicle at all times Thanks to the variety of options available, you’re able to customize your cover to your individual needs and benefit from attractive additional cover.

PostFinance car insurance: trouble-free mobility at all times

  • Insurance cover can be selected individually

  • Fair prices

  • Can be taken out online

  • Free premium protection

  • Three-month notice period

  • Basic coverage

    Liability insurance
    Liability insurance is required by law and covers damage that you cause to other people, vehicles, buildings or the environment.
    Partially comprehensive insurance
    Partial comprehensive insurance covers damage caused by natural hazards, fire and theft, as well as glass damage to your vehicle.
    Fully comprehensive insurance
    Fully comprehensive insurance  extends your partially comprehensive insurance to include coverage for collision damage.

    Additional coverage – expand your insurance coverage

    Gross negligence coverage
    The insurance company will refrain from recourse or a reduction in benefits in the event of damage caused by gross negligence.
    Breakdown assistance
    We help drivers throughout Europe if they experience a vehicle breakdown, lose their keys or run out of petrol.
    Current value supplement
    Following a total loss, the current value of the vehicle plus a supplement is compensated.
    Glass Plus
    Covers damaged or broken headlights, tail lights, indicators, bulbs and LEDs.
    Parking damages
    Covers damage caused by unknown individuals to your parked vehicle.
    Personal accident insurance
    Cover for consequential damage caused by an accident to vehicle passengers (including dogs and cats).
    Personal items
    Protects personal items in the vehicle against theft or damage as a result of a collision.
    Vehicle legal protection
    Covers legal disputes that arise from the use of the insured vehicle.
    CO2 option
    Support environmental projects with every kilometre you drive by offsetting your CO2 emissions.

    Premium calculator

    Calculate your premium with ease and without any obligation to purchase. We always assume the very lowest premium level.

    • Calculate your The link will open in a new window premium online with the PostFinance premium calculator. The quotation is valid for 30 days and can be accepted at any time.

      It is best to have your current vehicle registration document or key vehicle information and your driving licence to hand.

    • Take out your PostFinance car insurance online in just a few minutes by accepting the insurance conditions in your online quotation and clicking on “Finish now”.

      You will promptly receive a confirmation e-mail from us with a link. Please enter the relevant information for your proof of insurance here.

    • In order to take out a new car insurance policy, you will need to cancel your current policy. To do so, find out the notice period for your current policy. You can find the conditions either in the policy or the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (GTCI).

      Cancel your existing policy subject to the deadlines set out in the contract. To do so, you can use our The link will open in a new window cancellation letter template.

      This step is not required if you are planning to register the vehicle in your name for the first time (vehicle purchase).

    • Once you have provided all the necessary information, we will send your proof of insurance to the driver and vehicle licensing office in your canton before your coverage commences. We will notify you of this by e-mail so that you can register/reassign your vehicle.

      We recommend visiting the relevant driver and vehicle licensing office to do this in person 4 to 5 days before your coverage commences.

      If you wish to register your vehicle by post, please contact the relevant driver and vehicle licensing office.

      Please ensure you have all the necessary documents to hand:

      • if you are changing policies: the original vehicle registration document
      • if you are purchasing a used vehicle: the original vehicle registration document so it can be cancelled
      • if you are purchasing a new vehicle: audit report form 13.20A
    • Your coverage will commence automatically once you have registered/reassigned your vehicle at the relevant driver and vehicle licensing office.

      As soon as PostFinance receives confirmation of this from the driver and vehicle licensing office, all the contractual documents will be sent to you by post.

    • You can register in PostFinance’s The link will open in a new window online cockpit at any time to ensure you have round-the-clock access to your insurance information.

      The online cockpit provides assistance with PostFinance car insurance.

      • The most frequent driver must be 20 years of age or older
      • The most frequent driver must have obtained a driving licence at least two years ago
      • Date: when purchasing a new or used vehicle or when changing insurer by giving due notice to the previous insurer
      • Current domicile in Switzerland
      • Provision of a valid mobile phone number (required for communication and login)
      • There is no requirement to have an account with PostFinance.
    • The insurance policy covers privately used passenger vehicles such as saloon cars, estate cars, hybrids, convertibles and family cars.

      Currently, non-insurable vehicles include vehicles that are 25 years old or more on the date of signature of the insurance contract and vehicles for business use (company vehicles), motorcycles, certain commercial vehicles, high-performance vehicles (proportion of horsepower to weight) and vehicles with a very small number of registrations (speciality vehicles).

      It may be the case that a vehicle is viewed as a passenger vehicle, but is classified by the manufacturers as a commercial vehicle (e.g. VW T6). These vehicles can be insured depending on the vehicle type. Insurable vehicles can be selected on the insurance portal.

    • An existing insurance policy with a previous insurer can be terminated by giving due notice, with effect from the end of the specified contractual period. The conditions can be found either in the policy or in the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (GTCI). Usually, the notice period is three months before the end of the annual contract term. If the contract is not cancelled, it will normally be extended by a further year. In some cases, there are also non-cancellable multi-year contracts.

      In the following cases, the insurance can be cancelled during the course of the year:

      • If you replace your old vehicle with a new one,
        for example, the insurance for the old vehicle can be cancelled. Let the current insurance provider know quickly, so that they can terminate the contract and refund on a pro rata basis the annual premium that has been paid in advance. No premium can be refunded in the event of total loss.
      • If the premium changes
        If the insurer changes the amount of the premium or the excess, or if they reduce the benefits, you can cancel with effect from the date of the contract amendment. The notice of termination must have been received by the insurer before the new premium applies.
      • If there is a change of owner
        If there is a change of owner, the comprehensive insurance cover will cease. The personal liability insurance cover will be transferred to the new owner, however. The new owner may cancel this within 14 days of the transfer. The old personal liability insurance expires once the new party is entered on the registration document. Some insurers do not accept a transfer within the family as a reason for termination.
      • In the event of a claim
        If the insurer pays compensation in the event of a claim, you may terminate the policy. The deadlines are governed by the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (GTCI). The liability of the insurer ends 14 days after the notice of termination is received. If the contract has been in force for longer than one year and the damages do not constitute a write-off, you will receive the prepaid annual premium back on a pro rata basis.
    • The detailed information on basic coverage, additional coverage and the contractual conditions can be found in our General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (GTCI). Read through this document before signing the contract and contact our Support if anything is unclear.

    • In principle, with PostFinance car insurance all other drivers are insured according to the agreed coverage, provided you have consented to their use of the vehicle.

      Please note, however, that the excess for drivers under the age of 25 and new drivers (drivers who have had their driving license for less than three years) increases by CHF 1,000 in addition to the agreed excess. This applies to liability and collision events. The partial cover excess is not affected.

    • If the vehicle is registered before the commencement of cover date that is indicated in the policy, the vehicle will be insured starting from the commencement of cover date. If the vehicle is registered after the commencement of cover date that is indicated in the policy, the vehicle will be insured starting from the date of registration of the vehicle.

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More and more drivers are placing their trust in PostFinance car insurance. We look forward to counting you as one of our satisfied customers soon.

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