PostFinance TWINT

Your digital wallet

Link your smartphone directly to your account via the PostFinance TWINT App. The free app allows you to make cashless payments quickly on your smartphone.

Donate money to «Jeder Rappen zählt» with TWINT now

Until 22 December, you can donate money with TWINT to help pay for the education of children and adolescents. For each donation made, TWINT will transfer an additional 1 franc to Swiss Solidarity.

Pay online with TWINT now and get back the price of your purchase!

Every day from now until 31 December, 100 online purchases (max. CHF 150) will be refunded to the account stored in the TWINT App. Conditions of participation

Make 10 payments to receive a CHF 10 voucher

PostFinance’s digital wallet allows you to make cashless payments in stores and online shops. After paying with the app 10 times, you’ll receive a PostFinance TWINT voucher worth CHF 10. Conditions of participation

Receive 10 francs now

Register now and profit

If you register for PostFinance TWINT by 31 December 2017 and connect it to your PostFinance account, we’ll give you a one-off gift of 10 francs. This will be credited to your account by the end of January.

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Pay at the checkout using a mobile device

  • Make contactless payments with your smartphone
  • Store customer cards

Paying in online shops

  • Pay conveniently and securely in online shops
  • No need to enter card numbers
  • Scan the QR code with the PostFinance TWINT App and confirm payment

Send money to friends

  • Transfer money to friends from smartphone to smartphone
  • Add a message or photo
    • Download the PostFinance TWINT App directly from Google Play or the App Store
    • One-time registration with the PostFinance Card and the yellow card reader
    • After registration, you can store your preferred method of payment as well as customer and loyalty cards

    Tip: Activate fingerprint identification for easy use of the app.

  • With the PostFinance TWINT App you always have all your customer cards, loyalty cards and coupons at hand – clearly organized in your app.

    Twofold benefits when making payments: With the PostFinance TWINT App, you collect digital stamps or points. Coupons, free products and discounts are also automatically taken into account.

  • What is the difference between the yellow PostFinance TWINT App and the TWINT prepaid app?

    The yellow PostFinance TWINT App is the direct link to your PostFinance account or credit card. It’s therefore only available to PostFinance customers who have registered for the PostFinance Card and the yellow card reader. The TWINT prepaid app will remain an independent prepaid app.

    I am an existing TWINT customer. What happens to my credit?

    The TWINT prepaid app continues to work for payment. However, the credit cannot be transferred to the PostFinance App. Any remaining credit can be released in the TWINT prepaid app via Menu > More > Release.

    Can I install several apps as a user?

    Yes. Simply open the app to be used for payment.  

    The most recently installed app is automatically used for the P2P function (direct money transfer to a person).

    Can the PostFinance TWINT App also be linked to a business account?

    No. The PostFinance TWINT App can only be linked to a PostFinance private account.

    However, if you want to accept TWINT as a payment solution, you will find an overview of all the advantages via the following link.