PostFinance App

Keep your finances under control with ease – anytime and anywhere

Manage your finances when and where you like with the PostFinance App. Whether you want to keep track of your account balance and transactions or simply wish to enter and approve payments, you always have control over your finances.

PostFinance App: mobile banking on your smartphone

  • Log in quickly and securely with Face ID or fingerprint

  • Free access to e-finance and e-trading 

  • Check your account balance and recent transactions whenever you like

  • Change settings, details and withdrawal limits with ease

  • Enter payments or scan in and approve invoices

  • Access to the PostFinance App

    Payments and transactions

    • Keep track of your account balance and transactions
    • Scan + Pay: scan inpayment slips and QR-bills and approve them directly
    • QR-bills received electronically in PDF or image format can be shared or directly imported using the PostFinance App
    • Easily enter domestic and international payments / standing orders or account transfers, as well as load credit card accounts and make payments into retirement planning 3a accounts
    • Payments by 12 noon can also be processed on the same day free of charge
    • Electronic invoices (eBill): pay these quickly or process and approve them using the eBill platform
    • Check credit card transactions and top up credit cards/pre-paid cards
    • Send money to mobile phone numbers via the app
    • Arrange accounts and other products in the overview of assets yourself
    • Pay with the mobile payment solutions from Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. All you need is your PostFinance credit card and a compatible Google, Samsung or Apple device

    Settings and notifications

    • Change limits, block or unblock cards and order replacements
    • Set up push notifications: e.g. for credit/debit, incoming invoices (eBill), credit card transactions, for managing various e-trading alerts, and much more
    • Change address
    • Set login via the app (Face ID, face unlock, fingerprint, Touch ID) or reset password directly in the app
    • App setting: dark mode view, screenshot option on Android devices
    • Share account details easily via SMS, e-mail, etc.
    • Chatbot function
    • The PostFinance App uses Google Firebase to analyse user behaviour, identify errors and continuously optimize the app. Google Firebase can be activated upon confirmation by the user and can be disabled in the settings when logged in. The change will take effect when you next log in. You can find further information on this in our privacy policy

    Become a customer

    Become a customer easily and securely in just a few steps: open a private account, savings account, retirement savings account or foreign currency account, or order a credit card.

    Digital vouchers

    • Purchase or give as a gift digital vouchers for iTunes, Google Play, paysafecard, etc. 
    • Purchase or give as a gift credit for mobile phones

    E-trading: quick and convenient

    • View price information from the world’s leading stock exchanges
    • Access your custody account and trade with stocks, bonds, derivatives, foreign currencies and funds

    PostFinance TWINT

    • Register for PostFinance TWINT with ease using login via PostFinance App
    • Pay directly from the PostFinance App with PostFinance TWINT or check transactions in the PostFinance TWINT App
    • The PIN can be reset and the monthly limit set independently in the PostFinance TWINT App

    Enjoy simplified payment confirmations when shopping online

    Payments via PostFinance Card can be confirmed using the login via PostFinance App, Mobile ID and your card reader.

    For regulatory reasons, the app is only available in the Swiss Google Play and Apple Stores.

  • Login

    The quickest and easiest way to access e-finance and e-trading is by using Face ID or fingerprint identification.

    Alternatively, you can log in via card reader or Mobile ID. 


    No matter which type of login you choose: all our procedures use multiple authentication factors and meet the highest security requirements. In addition, the data transmitted between your device and PostFinance is encrypted at all times.

    There are strict security requirements for using the PostFinance App. The app cannot be used if security features (jailbreaks, enabling root access) have been changed.

    With a few measures, you can protect your devices from data misuse

    • Keep your operating system and the apps you have installed up to date at all times
    • Always log out again at the end of each e-finance session

    General information on security

    • Keeping your data secure is our top priority. A multi-stage encryption and identification process ensures that only you have access to your accounts.
    • Google Play Store or Apple Store must be preinstalled on your device. Manual installation of the Store and installation of the PostFinance App via this channel or downloading the PostFinance App via a third-party provider are not permitted.
    • PostFinance observes the provisions of Swiss data protection legislation when collecting and processing personal data. In all areas of its online product range, comprehensive technical tools and organizational measures are used to protect against unauthorized access, manipulations and data loss.
    • If you lose your smartphone and/or your SIM card or if there is reason to suspect that the service is being misused, please call our Contact Center immediately on 0848 888 710.
    • Request your personal e-finance free of charge.
    • The PostFinance App also works abroad provided that roaming is enabled by the contract from the mobile provider. Internet and SMS charges depend on the foreign provider.
      A sufficiently good network connection to send and receive SMS and an Internet connection (at least 3G) are required to use the app.
    • The PostFinance App is only available in the Swiss App Store and Google Play Store. An e-finance subscriber number and the e-finance password, a Swiss SIM card and an iPhone or Android smartphone with a supported operating system are required to use the PostFinance App.
    • The key functions for performing financial transactions have been made accessible in the app.
    • Access to e-finance or e-trading via the app meets the highest security standards, thanks to a multi-level security system.

      More information on online security
    • PostFinance offers apps for Android and iPhone. The following operating systems are supported for the use of these apps.

      Mobile operating systems

Download the app directly from the App Store or Google Play: 

Send download link directly to smartphone

Send download link directly to smartphone

Would you like to download the app at a later date or on another smartphone?

Mobile number
075 076 077 078 079

The mobile number is used to send a one-off download link for the app. It will not be used for any other purposes and will be deleted once the notification has been sent.

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