PostFinance App

A simple and convenient overview of your finances

Manage your finances when and where you want with the PostFinance App. View your account balance and transactions, transfer money to friends and acquaintances, purchase credit for your mobile phone and much more. So you can keep track of your money wherever you are – simple as that.

Log in even more quickly and easily

With your fingerprint you can log in directly to the PostFinance App.

PostFinance App: Mobile banking for smartphone and tablet

  • Log in to the most important functions with fingerprint or password

  • Send money to mobile phone numbers via the app

  • Purchase credit for mobile phones, iTunes, paysafecard, etc. 

  • Free access to e-finance and e-trading

  • Scan + Pay

  • Keep track of your account balance and transactions at all times

  • Basic functions of the app (Access without login)

    • Currency calculator
    • Location search
    • Market prices

    Fast service with selected functions (access with fingerprint or password)

    • Scan + Pay: Scan inpayment slips and send to e-finance
    • View account balance and transactions
    • Purchase digital credit for iTunes, Google Play, paysafecard, etc.
    • Purchase prepaid credit for mobile phones
    • Send money to mobile phone numbers via the app
    • Reserve offers from PostFinance Benefit
    • Push notifications for new e-bills, new PostFinance Benefit offers and various e-trading alerts
    • Digital PostFinance Card for Android smartphones

    Access to e-finance and e-trading (Access with e-finance login or Mobile ID)

    • View account balance and transactions
    • Purchase digital credit for iTunes, paysafecard, etc. 
    • Scan + Pay: approve scanned inpayment slips in e-finance
    • Enter payments and approve e-bills
    • Carry out account transfers
    • Access e-trading
    • Track credit card transactions and load credit cards
    • Set notifications (SMS, e-mail, push notification on smartphone)
    • Access your secure mailbox
    Play Video
  • Login

    To be able to use the fast service functions with the smartphone app, you will need to register and log in. The login for iPhone and Android requires a fingerprint or password. This is not the same as the login used for e-finance and e-trading.


    The PostFinance App offers you the same security as e-finance. Login consists of two steps: Depending on your requirements, you will need to log in to the fast service with a fingerprint or password, or log in to the integrated e-finance with a PIN (if Mobile ID has been activated) or with the PostFinance Card and card reader.

  • What are the preconditions for using the PostFinance App?

    • iPhone or Android smartphone
    • iPad or Android tablet
    • Swiss SIM card for registering for the fast service

    How can I register for the PostFinance App or for the fast service?

    In order to gain access to full range of functions in the fast service, you have to complete a one-off registration. A PostFinance Card and card reader are required for this.

    How secure is access to e-finance via the PostFinance App?

    Access to e-finance and e-trading via the app fulfils the highest security standards. Just like access via the desktop browser, the app login is a two-step process (mobile ID or PostFinance Card and card reader). Login to the fast service requires a fingerprint or password. The PostFinance Card and card reader are required for registration.

    What is the difference between the e-finance and fast service areas in the PostFinance App?

    With the fast service, you have access to selected functions for which you require a password or by tapping on the screen once you have completed the one-off registration. Access to e-finance via the PostFinance App allows you to use to the full range of e-finance functions.

    How can I send money to a mobile phone number?

    If recipients are also registered for the fast service, they will receive confirmation of receipt via SMS as soon as the amount has been sent successfully. Recipients who have not registered will be asked to send their IBAN to PostFinance.

    What is the maximum amount I can send?

    You can send a maximum of CHF 500, EUR 500 or USD 500 per day.

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