Pay electronic invoices quickly and easily

With eBill you receive and pay your invoices conveniently in e-finance. With just a few clicks – simple as that.

eBill: save time, paper and money

  • Pay with just a few clicks

  • No need to type in reference numbers

  • Access invoices anytime and anywhere

  • Environmentally friendly paperless correspondence

  • Receive and pay invoices directly in e-finance

  • Free of charge

    1. Private account with e-finance
    2. The invoice issuer of your choice offers the eBill solution
    3. Personal e-mail address for identification
    1. Activate eBill under “Settings/services”
    2. Register once for the eBill platform in e-finance
    3. Register with the invoice issuers directly on the eBill platform
    4. You will receive the invoices directly in e-finance
    5. Decide when you want to pay your invoices and which account you wish to use
    6. Either apply or change the execution date
    7. Pay invoices with just a few clicks
    8. You can, if need be, store the receipts with all the details
  • Quick payment function

    How to make paying your invoices even easier: click and pay directly in the eBill tile in e-finance.


    With the Sharing feature, you can grant other people access to your mailbox on the eBill platform.


    Receive notification free-of-charge via push messages or e-mail as soon as a new electronic invoice arrives in your e-finance.

    Standing approval

    You can use standing approvals to define your own rules for automatic approval of invoices.

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