Receive and pay electronic invoices online

With eBill, you no longer receive your invoices and donation requests by post or e-mail, but directly in e-finance or in the PostFinance App – precisely where you pay them. Free of charge and completely paperless.

eBill: receive and pay invoices digitally

  • Receive invoices digitally and pay in just a few clicks

  • Never miss an invoice – activate notifications for new invoices

  • Less paper – you receive your invoices directly in e-finance or in the PostFinance App

  • Easy approval, also on the go with your smartphone

  • Make a digital donation in just a few clicks

  • Receive invoices digitally

    In the eBill portal, you receive your invoices digitally. However, you can still access the detailed invoice from your invoice issuer. When you receive a new invoice, a PDF file with the invoice details is attached. To view the PDF, all you have to do is click “Invoice”.

    Pay invoices quickly and easily

    Check your invoices electronically. You can decide there and then whether and when you want an invoice to be executed. You can also specify the account to which you want the invoice amount to be debited. To ensure that you never miss an invoice, you have the option of setting up notifications via e-mail or push notification.

    Add companies that offer eBill as invoice issuers

    You decide who can send you invoices via eBill. You can do this by searching yourself for registered invoice issuers in the eBill portal. In addition, when you pay a paper invoice in e-finance or the PostFinance App, we will also let you know if the company offers eBill and you have not yet added it. Or you can activate the “Add invoice issuers automatically” option to allow your invoice issuers to automatically send you invoices via eBill.

    Have regular payments approved automatically – even if the amount changes

    For regular bills such as rent, mobile phone bills or insurance premiums, you can set up a standing approval in eBill. If the amount stays the same, the invoice is approved automatically when it is due. You can also set an upper limit. If the invoice amount varies but does not exceed the limit, the invoice is also paid automatically when it is due.

    Donate money directly in the eBill portal

    eBill Donations is an advanced feature of eBill. You can donate to charity quickly and easily via e-finance. All you have to do is add your preferred non-profit organizations. You can freely choose the amount you want to donate.

  • To set up eBill, you will need e-finance and a personal e-mail address. The e-mail address is used to uniquely identify you. This allows invoice issuers you have added to send your invoices directly to e-finance.

    1. Activate eBill by clicking the “Activate eBill” button. You can also activate eBill yourself in e-finance. You can find the activation option under “Settings and profile” in “My services”. In the PostFinance App you will find eBill under “Payments”.
    2. Complete one-time registration on the eBill portal. You can then add registered invoice issuers in the eBill portal.
    3. You will now receive your invoices directly in e-finance and you can view your open invoices in eBill. You can approve an invoice with a single click, and you can also specify the execution date.
    • After you have activated eBill, you will find an eBill tile on “Home” or under “Payments”. You can find the “eBill portal” button at the bottom right of the tile.

      PostFinance App: After logging in, select the “Payments” button. You will then find access to the portal at the “eBill” level on the right-hand side.

    • You can choose whether to be notified by e-mail or by a push notification in your PostFinance App. To do this, log in to e-finance. You can adjust the settings under “Settings and profile”, “Notifications”.

    • Open the eBill portal in e-finance or in your PostFinance App. Under Mailbox, you can switch to “Archive”, where you will see all paid invoices dating back less than 730 days.

    • For you as the invoice recipient, eBill is absolutely free of charge.

    • Yes. Your e-mail address is used to uniquely identify you. If you have activated eBill for multiple banks and use the same e-mail address, you will see the identical inbox in both banks’ online banking.

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