eBill portal

With the introduction of the eBill portal, the Swiss financial centre has implemented a standardized system for electronic transfer of invoices between invoice issuers and e-banking users. After your one-time registration, you will be able to pay and manage your e-bills and donation requests as usual with e-finance.

  • For you as an e-finance customer to receive your invoices and donation requests electronically, you need to activate the eBill product under Settings/Services and then complete a one-off registration on the eBill portal.

    eBill registration for private customers

    This one-off registration process on the eBill portal will only take a few minutes. You will need a personal e-mail address. After activating the eBill product, you will be guided through the process.

    eBill registration for business customers

    The one-time registration on the eBill portal will only take a few minutes. After activating eBill, all you need to do is select the accounts that you would like to use for eBill.

  • eBill Donations is an advanced feature of eBill. You can now make donations simply and easily in e-finance. Approve the non-profit organizations you want and receive your donation requests directly via eBill. Receive donation requests and pay invoices in the usual way.

    How can I use eBill Donations?

    For you as an e-finance customer to make digital donations, you need to activate the eBill product in e-finance and then complete a one-off registration on the eBill portal. You can search for invoice issuers in the eBill portal directly and then add them.

    What are the benefits of eBill Donations for donors?

    • Make paperless, convenient and environmentally friendly donations in e-finance
    • Your donation requests can be checked and approved via PostFinance app
    • Only receive donation requests from validated non-profit organizations
    • Freely select the purpose and amount of the donation
    • An approved invoice or donation request is listed in e-finance under “Pending payments” and can be deleted or changed up to one day before the due date. Upon deletion, the invoice or donation request is displayed in the “Receipt” tab on the eBill portal.
    • As soon as the payment is made, you can view the invoice or donation request on the eBill portal in the “Archive” tab for 730 days.
  • Sharing

    Private customers have the option to grant other people access to their eBill inbox, enabling them to perform individual, specific actions in the eBill portal in the name of the owner.

    You can find this function on the eBill portal under “Settings” and “Sharing”. To do this, you will need the e-mail address of the relevant person, who must be registered on the eBill portal with that e-mail address. Click “Grant access” to invite this person.

    Please note: if you provide a third party with this access, they will then be able to view and access all electronic invoices and donation requests in your eBill mailbox. This person can only approve the invoice or donation request via accounts for which they are authorized.

    It is not possible to set up eBill sharing if the owner of the eBill inbox is a company. To grant a person access rights to a company’s eBill inbox, contact our customer service department.

    Either the user or the person sharing their access rights can cancel the sharing at any time.

    Setting up standing approvals

    Standing approvals enable you to define rules for automatic approval of invoices and donation requests. If an invoice or donation request is covered by these rules, it will be approved for payment as soon as it is received and paid on the due date.

    Standing approvals can be entered directly in the corresponding invoice or donation requests or in the settings. An existing standing approval can be changed or deleted at any time.

    Note: Standing approvals can only be set up and changed by the owner of the eBill inbox.

    Notifications and settings

    You can set up notifications about the receipt of new invoices and donation requests, and also modify your own personal settings in e-finance under “Settings/Notifications”. You can choose between e-mail notifications and push messages.

  • You can access your invoices and donation requests in the same way as in e-finance. This keeps you safe from spam or phishing attacks. You will only receive trustworthy invoices and donation requests. Charitable organizations must be verifiably ZEWO-certified or tax exempt and pursue non-profit objectives. The eBill portal is subject to the same comprehensive, sector-wide security measures and data protection guidelines as e-finance.

    Both the operator of the eBill portal (SIX) and PostFinance are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of saved data and to use it solely for the purpose of providing the services related to eBill.

  • This section lists relevant questions and answers. For further information, go to The link will open in a new window ebill.ch.

    General questions

    • With eBill, you receive your invoices directly and securely in e-finance. This is where you can easily check and approve them for payment.

      You receive an e-mail invoice in your e-mail inbox. To pay the e-mail invoice, you will need to scan the QR-bill with your smartphone or your computer’s camera, or you can import it as a PDF file directly in e-banking.

    • You can find the invoice in the settled invoices in the eBill portal. You can find the invoice approved for payment in e-finance under “Pending payments” up to the due date. It can only be deleted or changed from there.
    • You can use all eBill functions fully in the PostFinance App.
    • Check whether it ended up in your spam folder. If you cannot find the email in the spam folder, contact our customer service.
    • You will receive an error message to this effect advising you to contact the PostFinance hotline directly.

    Questions about security

    • Data security and the security of data transfer are of paramount importance in the eBill system: the latest measures in accordance with the e-banking standards of the Swiss financial institutions are used to protect the data. In addition, PostFinance and SIX are also obliged to keep secret and protect stored data. The data is used exclusively for provision of the eBill service.

    Questions about functions

    • With a standing approval, invoices that do not exceed a maximum amount defined by you are executed automatically. You can also define when payments are made (e.g. always at the end of the month) and how long you want the standing approval to apply. As owner of the eBill inbox, only you are authorized to define, change and delete the rules for the standing approval.

    • For a standing approval, you choose the rules that determine which invoices are automatically approved for payment. This means that you have complete control right until the payment is made.

      In the case of Debit Direct, the company debits directly from the account that you specified in the debit authorization.

    • In this case, the invoice must be approved manually. Check the rules you have defined to ensure that the standing approval works properly again in the future.

      If you have chosen to receive notifications in your settings, you will be notified by e-mail or push notification that the standing approval could not be executed.

    • You can select and pay your invoices directly in the eBill tile in e-finance or the app. Or you can access the eBill portal and view further details such as the PDF file with the invoice details.

    • An eBill inbox only ever belongs to a single person. With the “Sharing” function, you can share your eBill inbox with other people. You can configure this directly on the eBill portal. (For further details, see “New functions” below).
    • If an invoice issuer offers you the option to make instalment payments, you will receive a message to this effect in the eBill portal. You can then choose from various instalment groups. An instalment group contains one or more instalments. When you select an instalment group, all instalments in the selected instalment group are presented to you in the invoice overview like normal single invoices. You can approve each of these instalments individually or you have the option to set up a standing approval.

    • Invoice issuers can also send invoices that are not paid via eBill or that represent a reimbursement (credit). You can find such notifications at eBill under Notifications (bell icon).
    • You can still make changes right until the payment is made. You can make these changes directly in e-finance or the app, but not in the eBill portal.

    • This service is no longer possible. You must log into e-finance or the app to process electronic invoices.

    Questions about invoice issuer registration

    • The menu on the eBill platform includes the item “Invoice issuers”, where you can use “Search” to type the name of the invoice issuer you are looking for and add it.

    • If you cannot find an invoice issuer on the eBill platform, they have not yet registered with eBill. This means that you cannot pay their invoices via eBill.

    • The invoice issuer is not informed immediately if you are no longer using eBill via e-finance. For a certain amount of time, the eBill inbox remains open for use via another bank. Only when the eBill inbox itself is no longer active is the invoice issuer informed the next time an invoice is sent.

      If you no longer want to use eBill at all, we recommend de-registering from all invoice issuers with which you are registered.

    • Yes, you have the option to de-register from an invoice issuer on the eBill portal at any time. This works in the same way as adding the invoice issuer by clicking the “Recycle bin”.

    • Contact the company (invoice issuer) directly.
    • On the eBill portal, you can search directly for companies that are registered and add them. If a company has registered in the meantime, we will notify you for the next payment or the company will contact you directly.

    • To resolve this issue, please contact the invoice issuer directly.

    Questions about unsubscribing/de-registering

    • No. Please inform the invoice issuers by de-registering from the eBill invoice issuers in the eBill portal.

    • If you want to de-register from the eBill platform in e-finance, you must first de-register from all invoice issuers on the platform and then deactive eBill in e-finance under “Settings/Service”.
    • The eBill inbox is only intended for receiving electronic invoices. It is only possible to access the eBill portal via one or more e-banking services. If access in e-finance has been deactivated, you can nevertheless still access the eBill portal via other connected banking relationships.

    • Invoices that you have already approved for payment remain visible on the eBill platform 730 days after the due date. After this deadline, the invoices are deleted.

      Open invoices that are not yet approved for payment will remain open. In this case, contact the invoice issuer to avoid receiving payment reminders.

    • Either change the default PostFinance account: directly in e-finance under “Settings and profile”, “My services”, “eBill”, “Edit”. Or select the debit account when approving the invoice in the eBill portal (the accounts for other banking relationships are also displayed here).

    • It is not possible to delete an invoice. You can approve or reject invoices.

  • If you have any questions, contact our customer service department on 0848 888 700.