Mobile payment solutions

Cash and cards are all well and good, but smartphones are often a better option. We will show you the different ways you can make easy, secure payments using your smartphone or smartwatch when you’re on the go, in online stores and in many other situations.

Useful to know

Mobile payment solutions are highly secure because authentication requires fingerprint identification, facial recognition or a PIN, and your data is protected with the latest encryption technology. What’s more, mobile payments, just like card payments, are a lot more hygienic than cash payments.

Start using TWINT now

TWINT is just like cash – only better. Not only can you pay in the online shop, at the checkout and at ATMs with TWINT, the app also allows you to store loyalty cards and customer cards. You can also easily send money to friends and family. 

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Digital wallet

Why use a card when you’ve already got your smartphone to hand? With E-Wallet, you can store your digital PostFinance Card in the PostFinance App. To pay, all you have to do is hold your smartphone against the contactless payment terminal instead of your card. This can prove especially handy if you happen to leave your card at home, and it’s a fun way of paying. 

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Make a payment in next to no time

Want to pay cashless all over the world and look cool at the same time? All you need is a SwatchPAY! watch and a Mastercard. To pay, simply hold your watch against a Mastercard acceptance point – and there are plenty of those around.

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