Watches with payment function

Pay in next to no time with watches from Swatch, Garmin or Fitbit

Put on your watch and simply hold up your wrist at the checkout or vending machine – that’s how quick and cool it is to make contactless payments. Link your PostFinance credit card with your watch from Swatch, Garmin or Fitbit and off you go.

Watches with payment function: make contactless payments quickly and conveniently

  • Practical for everyday use and when travelling 

  • Can be used around the world, wherever contactless payments with the credit card are accepted

  • Manage and block your credit card easily via app

  • Waterproof watch 

  • Wide range of models to choose from

  • To pay in next to no time, you need:

    • A watch with payment function from Swatch, Garmin or Fitbit
    • The corresponding provider’s app – available on Google Play and in the App Store
    • PostFinance credit card
  • In order to use a watch with payment function as a payment method, you first have to activate it and link it to your PostFinance credit card. To do so, follow the activation process in the relevant app from Swatch, Garmin or Fitbit.