Cashless shopping

Nowadays we can shop or pay by card almost anywhere. It's very easy and usually contactless. For smaller amounts, there’s no need to enter the PIN. This makes the payment process much faster and the whole process much more hygienic.

À la carte – the choice is yours

Debit card, Visa, Mastercard® or prepaid card: At PostFinance you’re spoiled for choice, because we have the right card for every occasion. Especially smart consumers will get several different cards to be prepared for any situation. The big advantage: Unlike with coins and banknotes, you can’t lose the money on your cards. At most, you might lose the bank card itself – but this has multiple built-in protections against misuse.

Pay by mobile phone

Paying directly via your smartphone is even more digital and convenient. Depending on the solution, you hold your mobile phone to the terminal, scan a code or initiate payment via an app. Get used to a whole new level of convenience (e.g. by extending your parking permit from the comfort of your office with a single click in the app). 

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