TWINT partner functions

One app, several functions

Twint your way through everyday life: with the TWINT partner functions, you can pay parking fees directly from the app, benefit from exclusive Super deals, donate to a good cause with ease, or order coffee.

Discover the TWINT partner functions now

In the PostFinance TWINT App, click on “Display all” under partner functions in order to use the various additional functions the payment app has to offer.

  • Pay your parking fees with PostFinance TWINT – throughout Switzerland at around 200,000 car parks. You can buy your ticket directly via the PostFinance TWINT App or scan your QR code at the parking meter.

    How it works with the TWINT partner function

    1. Select “Parking” and choose your parking zone. Please note that you must indicate your location to use this function.
    2. Enter how long you wish to park for, confirm the payment and start the parking procedure. You can end the parking time paid for at any point. You are then refunded the difference directly via the PostFinance TWINT App.

    How it works at the parking meter

    1. Scan the QR code on the parking meter using the PostFinance TWINT App. Enter your registration number the first time you use it.
    2. Select how long you plan to park using the PostFinance TWINT App and confirm payment.
    3. The parking time paid for can be ended at any point and you will be refunded the difference via the TWINT App.
  • Buy or give as a gift vouchers and credit for various online shops, streaming services and gaming platforms directly from the PostFinance TWINT App.

    1. Select “Digital vouchers”, the required shop and the amount and then confirm the payment.
    2. You can display the code directly or access it at any time via TWINT partner functions. You can also send the voucher code by e-mail.
  • PostFinance TWINT makes donating to various charities really straightforward. You always have complete transparency and control over your donate. A donation receipt can also be issued if required.

    How it works with the TWINT partner function

    1. Select “Donate” and the charity you wish to give to.
    2. Enter the amount and confirm the donation. If you’d like a donation receipt, add your contact details.

    How it works via the website

    1. Go to the website of the charitable organization you’d like to donate to and select the amount.
    2. Open the PostFinance TWINT App and make the payment using the QR code or by entering the five-digit transaction number manually.
  • You need some cash but there’s no ATM in sight? The TWINT partner function “cash withdrawal” means you can obtain cash easily and quickly at over 2,300 partner shops.

    1. Select “Cash withdrawal” and enter the amount required after transfer to Sonect.
    2. After approval in the PostFinance TWINT App, you’ll receive your cash by visiting one of the partner shops within the next 15 minutes and presenting the barcode.
  • Attention all bargain hunters! You can find exclusive deals and special offers every week in the PostFinance TWINT App. You can also benefit from discounts with selected partners.

    1. Select the relevant offer in the “Super deals” area and add any accompanying items that you may want. Offers are available only in very limited numbers.
    2. Review your shopping basket, confirm your choices and then return to the PostFinance TWINT App for easy and secure payment.
  • With PostFinance TWINT, you can quickly and conveniently stock up on coffee. Order your favourite Nespresso capsules directly to your home via the app and pay for your order in just a few seconds using your smartphone.

    1. Select “Order coffee” or scan the TWINT QR code on your Nespresso coffee machine.
    2. Sign in using your Nespresso customer number or as a guest and choose your favourite coffee.
    3. Enter your order and confirm the payment using PostFinance TWINT.
  • Phone insurance, cyber insurance or ticket insurance? Find the right insurance solution for your needs directly in the PostFinance TWINT App and take out a policy quickly and simply, without an invoice.

    1. Select “Insurance” and then choose the insurance solution for you. Enter your personal details.
    2. Review the summary, confirm your selection and return to the PostFinance TWINT App to pay.
  • Find the right subscription for your needs thanks to the independent comparison of mobile phone subscriptions and Internet connections. You can then take out the desired subscription completely digitally and with exclusive TWINT advantages, directly in the PostFinance TWINT App.

    1. Select “Mobile comparison” and adapt the details of the subscription to your needs using the interactive filter. Select the required subscription.
    2. You will verify your identity and sign the contract digitally. Your new provider will then activate the service and send you the SIM card or modem at your chosen time. 

Download the app directly from the App Store or Google Play: