Farm shops

Twint the farmer directly

Want to buy fresh produce directly from the farmer but don’t have the right change on you? No problem at all thanks to PostFinance TWINT. Make quick and easy payments with TWINT at more than 3,000 farm shops in Switzerland.

Make cashless payments

The payment app enables you to pay for your goods without cash at staffed and unstaffed points of sale in farm shops, flower fields or market stalls. This means you can avoid counting and carrying cash and instead pay easily using your smartphone in just a few seconds. You also have complete transparency and control over the purchases you make. This is convenient not only for you but also for the farmers in Switzerland.


“Vom Hof” is a service provided by the Swiss Farmers’ Union. Find farm shops or flower fields close to you on The link will open in a new window and pay with PostFinance TWINT. Simply enter “TWINT” in the search field.

Here’s how it works

Download PostFinance TWINT and register. You can then open the app, scan the QR code and enter the exact payment amount.

Download the app directly from the App Store or Google Play: