Credit for Norton and McAfee

Purchase with ease without a credit card

Whether you have a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, with Norton and McAfee, you can protect your devices. Purchase credit codes for Norton and McAfee at any time in the PostFinance App, at a Postomat or in e-finance – and use the Internet safely.

For PostFinance, its customers’ security is important. Thanks to the latest technologies, Norton and McAfee will always ensure you are using the Internet safely. Protect all of your devices for a whole year. You can redeem the code you have purchased directly with just a few clicks.

Norton and McAfee: purchase credit without a credit card

  • Direct debit from your private account

  • Redeem the code directly with Norton or McAfee – there is no need to type out your code

  • Protect your PCs, Macs, Android and iOS tablets and smartphones with a single piece of software

To purchase credit codes for Norton and McAfee, all you need is a private account at PostFinance. Do you already have the app installed on your Android or iOS smartphone? Then you can purchase the credit codes via app or in e-finance. With the PostFinance Card, you can purchase credit for Norton and McAfee at any time at all Postomats.


  • Purchase via app: private account and the PostFinance App (Android or iOS)
  • Purchase at Postomats: private account with PostFinance Card
  • Purchase in e-finance: private account with e-finance

Products available

Products available from Norton:

  • CHF 39.90: Norton 360 for 3 devices
  • CHF 49.90: Norton 360 for 5 devices
  • CHF 59.90: Norton 360 for 10 devices

Products available from McAfee:

  • CHF 29.90: Protection for 1 device
  • CHF 39.90: Protection for 5 devices
  • CHF 49.90: Protection for 10 devices

There are no additional fees for your purchase.

With the PostFinance App

Log in to the PostFinance app and select Offers > Purchase and send voucher as gift.

Download the app directly from the App Store or Google Play:

In e-finance

Log in to the e-finance app and select Products > Vouchers.

At Postomats

At Postomats, select the menu item “Purchase and load”.


  • Save yourself a trip to the kiosk by purchasing your Norton and McAfee credit easily in our app or in e-finance. Your phone is the kiosk in your trouser pocket.
  • You will receive the credit in the form of a code, which you can find in our app or in e-finance. You can redeem the code directly in the relevant store in just one click. If you purchase credit at a Postomat, the code will be printed directly on the receipt.
  • Using the link in the PostFinance App or in e-finance, you can redeem the Norton and McAfee credit code directly in the relevant store.
  • Unlike a physical box, you can buy your Norton and McAfee credit using the PostFinance App or in e-finance. You will receive the code online right away, which you can then redeem directly. This means you do not need to go to a kiosk or a physical point of sale, nor do you have to scratch to reveal the code or type it in manually.
  • With Norton Security or Norton WiFi Privacy, you can protect your PCs, Macs, Android and iOS tablets and smartphones with a single piece of software.

    • Norton Security protects both your identity and your online transactions
    • Norton Security alerts you to risky Android apps before you download them
    • Norton WiFi Privacy protects private information such as passwords, bank details and credit card numbers in public WiFi networks