Netflix voucher

Simply purchase online and give as a gift

Netflix has something for everyone: films, series and Netflix originals. Netflix members can enjoy top entertainment right from their own living room or on any Internet-enabled device on the go – completely free of advertising.

Netflix voucher: available for purchase 24/7 via the app or in e-finance

  • Purchase vouchers online and redeem them or give them as a gift

  • Watch films and series without interruptions from adverts

  • Control costs for subscriptions and memberships

Available amounts

  • CHF 40
  • CHF 80
  • Amount of your choice 

There are no additional fees for your purchase.

Purchase and send Netflix voucher as gift

With the PostFinance App

Log in to the PostFinance app and select Offers > Purchase and send voucher as gift.

Download the app directly from the App Store or Google Play:

In e-finance

Log in to the e-finance app and select Products > Vouchers.

At Postomats

At Postomats, select the menu item “Purchase and load”.


  • You will receive the voucher in the form of a code, which you can find in our app or in e-finance. You can redeem the code directly at Netflix.

  • If you purchase a voucher at a Postomat, the code will be printed directly on the receipt.

  • When purchasing via the PostFinance App, you can personalize the vouchers and give them as a gift. Select a design and add a personal text to the voucher. Send the personalized voucher or print it out.

  • You can redeem a Netflix voucher online at The link will open in a new window