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ESET gives you comprehensive protection for your devices. ESET protects you against malware, ransomware and phishing and guarantees secure online banking and payments. Thanks to the firewall and parental controls, you are optimally protected when browsing the Internet.

ESET voucher: available for purchase 24/7 via the app or e-finance

    • Purchase vouchers online and redeem them or give them as a gift

    • Optimal online protection for everyday life
  • Control costs for subscriptions and memberships

Products available

  • CHF 59.90 ESET Smart Security Premium for 3 devices and 1-year term
  • CHF 29.90 ESET Internet Security for 1 device and 1-year term
  • CHF 39.90 ESET Internet Security for 3 devices and 1-year term
  • CHF 49.90 ESET Internet Security for 5 devices and 1-year term

There are no additional fees for your purchase.

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Purchase and send ESET vouchers as a gift

With the PostFinance App

Log in to the PostFinance app and select Offers > Purchase and send voucher as gift.

Download the app directly from the App Store or Google Play:

In e-finance

Log in to the e-finance app and select Products > Vouchers.

At Postomats

At Postomats, select the menu item “Purchase and load”.


  • With ESET Internet Security, you get protection against malware, ransomware and phishing. You benefit from a secure home network and secure online banking. You can find more information at The link will open in a new window

  • With ESET Smart Security Premium, you get the same protection mechanisms as ESET Internet Security in addition to encryption of sensitive data, protection against emerging threats and a password manager. This means that ESET Smart Security Premium offers complete protection. You can find more information at The link will open in a new window

  • ESET protects your Windows, macOS and Android devices. In other words, the protection applies to PCs, laptops and certain smartphones. The protection is valid for one year. You can choose how many devices you want the protection to apply to when you make your purchase.

  • You will receive the voucher in the form of a code, which you can find in our app or in e-finance. You can redeem the code directly at ESET.

  • If you purchase a voucher at a Postomat, the code will be printed directly on the receipt.

  • When purchasing via the PostFinance App, you can personalize the vouchers and give them as a gift. Select a design and add a personal text to the voucher. Send the personalized voucher or print it out.

  • You can redeem ESET vouchers online at The link will open in a new window