PostFinance Card in EUR

Shop conveniently in-store and online

The PostFinance Card in EUR is your free card for your private account in EUR. Thanks to the combination with Debit Mastercard®, you can shop or withdraw cash with ease worldwide. With no currency conversion losses for withdrawals in EUR.

Contactless payment with Apple Pay

Use Apple Pay with your PostFinance Card combined with Debit Mastercard. With Apple Pay, you can make secure, contactless payments via your iPhone for everything from shopping to train tickets.

PostFinance Card in EUR: no conversion losses for withdrawals of EUR

  • Global acceptance: use your card wherever Mastercard is accepted

  • Withdraw cash in EUR or CHF at Postomats, ATMs and post offices throughout Switzerland

  • Withdraw cash worldwide at ATMs

  • E-finance login with card reader and your PostFinance Card (if you don’t have a smartphone)

  • The PostFinance Card is recognized worldwide as a payment method. You can use your card wherever either the PostFinance or the Mastercard logo is displayed.

    As a universal payment solution, the PostFinance Card is your straightforward companion for all your purchases. You can also withdraw cash worldwide. Purchases and withdrawals are debited directly to your private account.


    You must have a PostFinance private account in EUR to obtain a PostFinance Card in EUR.

    Mobile payment solutions

    You can add your PostFinance Card to your smartphone or smartwatch and pay conveniently with Apple Pay – everything is fast, secure and contactless.

    Make payments in online shops

    Pay in online shops with your PostFinance Card. Where this option is not available, select “Mastercard”. This means you can pay with your PostFinance Card in online shops worldwide.

    Make payments via Mastercard – how to proceed

    In the online shop, select the “Mastercard” option and follow the instructions. In most cases, you will have to enter the following data from your card (additional checks are at the merchant’s discretion):

    • Card number
    • Card expiry date
    • Card verification number

    Secure payments

    Pay securely with your PostFinance Card. If you make the payment with Mastercard, the globally accepted 3-D Secure procedure is used. You must have a Swiss mobile phone number.

    Make contactless payments

    The contactless function allows you to pay amounts up to CHF 100 with the PostFinance Card and up to CHF 80 with credit cards without entering your PIN. The limit is CHF 80 for purchases processed with the Debit Mastercard. Simply hold your card against the payment terminal, and your purchase is complete. For amounts above the limit, you will also need to enter your PIN.

    Make payments in shops

    Your PostFinance Card is accepted wherever the PostFinance or Mastercard logo is displayed.

    Entering your PIN is always required for the first contactless payment.

    Cash withdrawals in Switzerland

    Cash withdrawals at ATMs in Switzerland are free of charge with the SmartPlus, SmartYoung or SmartStudents banking package. With the Smart banking package, withdrawals of euros cost CHF 5 and withdrawals of Swiss francs cost CHF 2.

    Cash withdrawals abroad

    Please note the information on withdrawing money at ATMs in the Mastercard networks. The information does not originate from PostFinance and no responsibility is accepted for its accuracy.

    Card security

    Activating geoblocking blocks the option of withdrawing cash via the magnetic strip. This ensures effective protection against skimming.

  • WithdrawalsIn EUR
    Cash withdrawals per day
    In EUR
    EUR 800
    Goods purchases per day for online shopping
    In EUR
    EUR 2,000
    Monthly limit per card
    In EUR
    EUR 4,000
    Monthly limit per account
    In EUR
    EUR 4,000
    Withdrawals at post offices
    In EUR
    Account balance in terms of cash holdings

    Set withdrawal limits

    You can set the withdrawal limits yourself in e-finance, in the PostFinance App or by telephone.

    Other limits

    • ATMs: Maximum withdrawal amount depends on the terminal. Amounts that exceed the terminal limit can be withdrawn in several instalments. Any applicable fees are charged for each withdrawal.
    • The PostFinance Card may only be used for recurring payments online up to a specified monthly limit: CHF 1,500 or EUR 1,300 per month.
    • The PostFinance Card may only be used for one-off payments online up to a specified monthly limit: CHF 500 or EUR 350 per month.
    • Post offices: Please note amount limits applicable at the The link will open in a new window location selected.
  • The PostFinance Card in EUR is free of charge.

    Cash withdrawals

    Place of useCost of cash withdrawals
    Place of use
    Cost of cash withdrawals
    Free of charge
    Place of use
    Post office counters
    Cost of cash withdrawals
    Withdrawals in Swiss francs: free of charge
    Withdrawals in euros: 1% of cash sum withdrawn
    Place of use
    ATMs in Switzerland
    Cost of cash withdrawals

    Smart banking package:
    CHF 2 for withdrawals in Swiss francs
    CHF 5 for withdrawals in euro

    SmartPlus, SmartStudents and SmartYoung banking packages: free of charge

    Place of use
    ATMs abroad
    Cost of cash withdrawals

    Smart banking package: CHF 5 
    SmartPlus, SmartStudents and SmartYoung banking packages: free of charge 

    Place of use
    Purchase of goods/services
    Cost of cash withdrawals

    A processing fee of 1.5% applies on purchases made abroad (goods or services bought in shops and onlineincl. online shops of foreign retailers).

    This also includes recurring services (e.g. music subscriptions) from online shops that are processed abroad.

    Card blocking and card replacement

    Card blocking

    Via hotline/customer advisor
    Via e-finance/PostFinance App


    CHF 20 per report
    Free of charge

    Card replacement

    Via hotline/customer advisor
    Via e-finance/PostFinance App


    CHF 40 per card
    CHF 25 per card

    • PostFinance Card with Debit Mastercard:

      • Account debited directly
      • Apple Pay mobile payment solution

      PostFinance credit card:

      • Bonus programme (cashback on sales turnover)
      • Car rental discount with AVIS
      • Financial flexibility (monthly invoice, partial payment possible)
      • Reservation guarantee: debit cards are often not accepted when booking accommodation, rental cars or flights. But a credit card guarantees the reservation.
      • Mobile payments with: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay or SwatchPAY!
      • Value added services depending on credit card: travel insurance, VIP and concierge service, Priority Pass with airport lounge access
    • The maximum amount for cash withdrawals depends on the terminal. Amounts that exceed the terminal limit can be withdrawn in several instalments. Any applicable fees are charged for each withdrawal.
    • For amounts up to CHF 500 or EUR 350 per month, the card and ID number of the PostFinance Card must be entered in the payment screen.

      For amounts exceeding this limit, the personal PIN for the PostFinance Card and the card reader are also required.

    • There is a monthly limit if multiple cards belong to the same account (e.g. partner account). The limit per account is defined here on the basis of the limit per card.

    • You can enter individual card limits directly in e-finance or the PostFinance App.

      Go to information on adjusting withdrawal limits

    • Choose ATMs that don’t charge any commission or withdrawal fees. If fees apply, they will be indicated during the cash withdrawal. If this is the case, cancel the operation and find another ATM.

    • You can block/unblock your PostFinance Card or order a replacement card quickly and easily online.

      Go to block/unblock card or order replacement card

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