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Regardless of whether you want to delegate your asset management to PostFinance investment experts, benefit from an investment option with ongoing advice or make your own investment choices – we have the right sustainability-related investment or retirement solution for you.

  • For e-asset management (delegation product) and investment consulting plus (support and advice available at any time on request), we offer the “Sustainability” investment focus. We invest in companies, states and government institutions that meet ESG investment criteria – i.e. criteria relating to the environment, society, and responsible corporate governance. 

    PostFinance defines a benchmark (comparative index) for each instrument (fund or exchange traded fund) used in the e-asset management and investment consulting plus model portfolios.

    In the case of equities and bonds, we already take sustainability aspects into account when selecting the benchmark. This means that, in the “Sustainability” focus for equities and bonds, the relevant fund provider can exclude certain companies from the investment universe based on their ESG values. At the same time, we accept deviations in the portfolio’s performance compared to a classic standard index, which can have both a positive and negative impact on performance.

  • PostFinance ESG Fonds are put together in such a way that they invest in specific target funds (a so-called fund of funds model). Most of these target funds explicitly pursue a sustainable investment strategy. With regard to sustainable investments, you can use the following sustainability approaches (or a combination of them) for target funds: 

    • ESG integration
    • Exclusion criteria
    • Best-in-class approach
    • Active shareholder policy
    • For PostFinance Fonds, engagement is handled by USB Inc.’s UBS Asset Management, and voting rights are exercised by the fund management company UBS Fund Management (Switzerland) AG.
    • Sustainable thematic approach
    • Each of the five asset allocation funds and four retirement funds incorporate ESG (environmental, social and governance) sustainability aspects. The best-in-class approach is applied to the target funds. In this approach, the investment universe is made up of issuers that deliver the best sustainability performance within their industry. Compared to the traditional benchmark index, which is not explicitly sustainable, our funds aim to provide a better ESG value and a lower carbon footprint.

      For sustainability reasons, we have excluded the gold asset class from the investment strategy and retirement funds. 

      To implement the asset allocation and retirement funds, we use the SPI ESG Index® and the MSCI ESG Leader Indexes as a benchmark for shares, as well as the SBI ESG Index®, the Bloomberg MSCI Sustainability Index and the J.P. Morgan ESG Index as the benchmark for bonds.

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    • This fund primarily pursues its investment objective by using approaches to sustainability (in particular, exclusions and best-in-class practices in the target funds) that aim to improve the environmental and social sustainability profile of the fund when compared with a traditional benchmark index that is not explicitly sustainable.

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    • This fund passively simulates the SPI ESG benchmark index. This reference index measures the development of Swiss shares, taking into account environmental and social factors and responsible corporate governance.

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    • This is a global equity fund that is careful to ensure a contribution is made towards achieving international climate targets. The fund invests more heavily in companies with a lower average CO2 intensity and a higher ESG score relative to the reference index. The fund pursues a net zero path that aims to restrict global warming to +1.5°C by 2050 if possible (compared with the pre-industrial level).

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  • PostFinance provides over 30 third-party funds that take account of sustainability aspects. These are categorized by PostFinance into funds that explicitly pursue a sustainability goal and those that take account of social and/or environmental factors and good governance in investment decision-making.

    For funds that explicitly pursue a sustainability goal, classifications are taken into account in accordance with the European duties of disclosure as per Article 9 Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). For funds that take social and/or environmental factors and good corporate governance into account in the investment decision, classifications are taken into account in accordance with Article 8 Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) or equivalent.

  • With the SmartFlex pension plan (pillar 3a/3b), the life insurance savings that we market in cooperation with AXA, PostFinance offers the “Sustainability” investment theme, in which the equity fund AXA WF Sustainable Equity QI is used. The sub-fund invests in securities from companies that meet important environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

    Find out which investment strategy is right for you. Our customer advisors will be happy to advise you and help you to determine your investment strategy and to select the right investments.

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