Giro international

Giro international. Transfer money abroad



Private account

Here’s how it works

You transfer the chosen amount from your private account:

  • Via e-finance or
  • In writing with a payment or standing order and Giro international form

Alternatively you can pay the amount in at a post office:

  • With your PostFinance Card
  • In cash (identification with valid ID required)

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and BIC (Bank Identifier Code)

SEPA payments can be executed exclusively with an IBAN – the BIC does not have to be provided anymore. For the remaining transfers, the account number and the BIC or a country-specific code are mandatory. A Giro international (without urgent) to the USA, Canada, Australia, India and China requires a country-specific code if the payment currency matches the currency of the country of the beneficiary’s bank. Countries for which the IBAN is mandatory are marked in the IBAN country list.

Transfer duration

  • Giro international SEPA: within a maximum of one bank working day as of the debit date
  • Giro international: within two to four working days
  • Giro international urgent: generally on the same day, best possible execution. Some recipient banks may not credit the amount immediately. This is beyond PostFinance’s control.

Info hotline

Telephone +41(0)58 667 97 67

Third-party fee payment for Giro international (SEPA)

With Giro international (SEPA) third-party fee payment is not possible as deductions from the transfer amount are not authorized.

Third-party fee payment for Giro international worldwide

  • Charges paid by the shared cost
    Transfers abroad incur fees which are levied by the involved banks handling the transaction. These fees are usually charged to the beneficiary, i.e. deducted from the amount. Therefore, the beneficiary does not receive the full transfer amount.
  • Charges paid by the client/our cost
    All third-party fees for transferring money to the recipient bank are payable by the client as part of a flat fee of CHF 20 (+ basic price). The recipient bank is credited with the full amount.

Credit fees

Please note that certain recipient banks can charge their customers a fee for credits received via SEPA and for worldwide payments (irrespective of the charging option). This is beyond PostFinance's control.

Payment currency

You decide in which currency the amount should be credited abroad. Standard procedure is for the amount to be converted into the currency of the recipient country. Crediting the amount in CHF (payment currency CHF) is only worthwhile if the account of the end beneficiary abroad is a CHF account.

Make the most of the advantages of e-finance: convenient, cost-efficient foreign payments

  • Manage your accounts conveniently over the Internet. Our e-finance service is secure and easy to use
  • Making international payments is more cost-efficient with e-finance