eBill Donations

Sending donation requests in an eco-friendly and cost-effective way

The fully digital solution for your donation campaigns: eBill Donations enables you to reach your contributors where donations can be paid in just one click – in online banking. As a network partner of eBill, we provide your non-profit organization with professional support to integrate eBill Donations.

eBill Donations: ensuring donation requests arrive

  • No costs for printing, shipping or returns handling 

  • Donation requests with options for pre-defined and freely selectable amounts 

  • Campaign content in PDF format can also be sent

  • High visibility for donation requests in e-banking

  • eBill Donations is aimed exclusively at tax-exempt or ZEWO-certified non-profit organizations. You send your requests in PDF format via eBill Donations directly to the online banking portal of potential donors. Donors can look at campaigns online and approve the transfer of donations in a single click.

  • If your non-profit organization wishes to send digital donation requests, it’ll require the services of a network partner. In this role and as a highly experienced provider of electronic invoices, PostFinance is the ideal partner to support you with connecting to the eBill infrastructure and all other steps involved in the conversion.

  • The costs for eBill Donations are made up of a charge for submitted donation requests to eBill recipients and a fee per donation made. 

    Price per number of submissions per month

    NumberSent via eBill Donations
    Up to 1’000
    Sent via eBill Donations
    CHF 0.40
    Up to 5’000
    Sent via eBill Donations
    CHF 0.35
    Up to 10’000
    Sent via eBill Donations
    CHF 0.30
    Over 10’000
    Sent via eBill Donations
    On request

    Price per donation made

    1.9% of the donation amount – at least CHF 0.25, max. CHF 6

    Sample calculation

    3,500 donation requests sent (submissions) at CHF 0.35
    CHF 1‘225.–
    900 donations x CHF 30 at 1.9%
    CHF 513.–
    400 donations x CHF 0.25 for donations below the minimum amount
    CHF 100.–
    100 donations x CHF 6 for donations above the maximum amount
    CHF 600.–
    CHF 2‘438.–
    • Digital fundraising is becoming a significant source of income for NPOs. Digital donation channels allow NPOs to take advantage of new technological opportunities to reach their digital-savvy donors in a targeted way. eBill Donations is a very direct and fully digital donation channel.

    • Donations are transferred in the online banking portal for both eBill Donations and donations via e-finance. The benefit of eBill Donations is that NPOs can send donation requests directly to the online banking or eBill portal – which is where their donors deal with the payment of invoices. This means there’s no need for additional donation requests to be sent by post or via e-mail and ensures that the requests enjoy a high level of visibility. 

    • NPOs must have an online banking account with a financial institution using eBill and need to activate eBill. Over 100 banks have integrated the eBill service. Their software must also be correctly connected to the eBill infrastructure technically by a network partner, such as PostFinance. We will be pleased to support your organization with this onboarding process. Arrange to receive advice.

    • With eBill Donations, donors receive requests in their online banking or eBill portal where they approve invoices. Here donors can look at your request and make a donation in a single click. All donation requests are archived.

      Good to know: by setting up standing approval, eBill users can automatically approve recurring donations.

      • The use of a fully digital and convenient donation option in online banking
      • Your donation requests can be checked and approved at any time via mobile app
      • Only receive donation requests from validated NPOs
      • Helps to reduce the use of paper and conserve natural resources

      Good to know: anyone who has activated eBill in online banking can receive donation requests.

    • eBill Donations is a digital channel for both existing and new donors. The following must be considered:

      Donors must add your NPO as an invoice issuer in the eBill portal to enable you to send donation requests via eBill.


      Donors have activated the “Look-up” feature in their personal eBill portal. This feature allows invoice issuers to be added automatically. Provided a customer relationship already exists between your NPO and the donors via Look-up, you can send your donation requests automatically via eBill.

    • Before a NPO can register on the eBill infrastructure, it must provide evidence that it pursues non-profit objectives (by presenting ZEWO certification or a cantonal tax exemption for institutions set up for charitable or public purposes). The meeting of these requirements is validated periodically by eBill network partners.

      • In their donation request, they can send both a fixed proposed donation amount or a selection of donation amount options. Donors can select a donation amount option or contribute their own individual amount.
      • The minimum amount for donations in eBill is 5 francs.
      • eBill Donations is ideal for both one-off and regular donations. For recurring donations, eBill users can set up standing approval. 
  • Digital donation requests via eBill Donations can only be submitted in XML eBill-SIX v3 format.