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Created on 14.11.2019

Working efficiently from a mobile office

On the train, at home or in an external co-working space – enhance the efficiency of your mobile working with these tips.

9 tips to increase efficiency for mobile working. Tip 1: Remain contactable an let people know when and how they can reach you. Tip 2: Plan and structure your tasks in advance in line with your available "mobile" working hours. Tip 3: Use the right tools to ensure smooth teamwork. Tip 4: As well as your laptop an smartphone, you should always have the following items with you: Power bank, travel adapter, mobile hotspot, noice-cancelling headphones. Tip 5: Whenever possible, move to a quiet place for meetings. Tip 6: Check in advance that you have access to all the necessary documents whilst on the go. Tip 7: When you are in your home office, ensure that you are able to work without interruption during your clearly defined working hours. Tip 8: Take a break from time to time. Tip 9: Be careful how you handle data

The figures clearly show that working from home is becoming increasingly widespread in Switzerland.  The link will open in a new window According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office , the number of employees who work from home at least occasionally more than quadrupled between 2001 and 2018, rising from 250,000 to over a million. The number of people who work from home for 50 percent or more of their working hours grew from around 30,000 in 2001 to the current total of 138,000. 

Mobile working as an integral part of our everyday working life

According to the study “Workplace & mobility in Switzerland –  the state of affairs in large companies and SMEs” from The link will open in a new window MSM Research, the model of the exclusively fixed workplace is still found in around 25 percent of companies today, but the figure is dwindling. In the next three years, this proportion will be reduced to just under 12 percent. More than 40 percent of the companies surveyed would be in favour of flexible and mobile working and would introduce it widely as an integral part of everyday working life.

Efficient anytime and anywhere

But working from home is only one form of mobile working. If you also include employees such as those who work on the train on their way to the office or in an external co-working space for an afternoon, the number increases significantly. Tips on how employees can make mobile working more efficient can be found in the video. Thanks to technology, it’s getting easier all the time.

Tips for line managers

If team members work remotely frequently and on a regular basis, this also has implications for team management. The following tips are designed to help line managers in dealing with their remote employees:

  • In order to prevent misunderstandings, expectations and responsibilities must be defined in advance
  • Regular, fixed meetings with the entire team, including a communal break or lunch, ensure regular, professional and informal discussions
  • Working from home should not be a type of reward
  • Even employees without a permanent presence need feedback and a contact person; both must be provided 
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