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Created on 22.01.2019

On the road to becoming a digital powerhouse

PostFinance is in the process of developing from a traditional financial service provider into a digital powerhouse. Changing customer requirements is a key factor here. Here are five key questions and answers on the forward-looking digital strategy.

Question 1: Why does PostFinance want to become a digital powerhouse?

Society – and with it the banking sector – is rapidly becoming more and more digital. Digitalization is also seeing a fundamental change in the requirements and behaviour of banking customers. PostFinance is already one of the digital innovation leaders in the Swiss banking industry and it’s continuing to systematically pursue this path. PostFinance aims to become a digital powerhouse – for its customers and to enhance its own competitive edge.

Question 2: What does the term ‘digital powerhouse’ mean?

A digital powerhouse is what PostFinance will become in future, providing its customers with an extremely smooth digital customer experience with a full range of digital self-services – both online and on mobile devices. The products and services should be accessible in real time wherever possible.

Question 3: What’s the main aim of this digitization drive?

As the future number 1 in digital retail banking in Switzerland, PostFinance aims to make it as easy as possible for customers to manage their money. To achieve this goal, the physical world is linked to the digital world in such a way that customers benefit from a consistently compelling customer experience. In tandem with its digital strategy, PostFinance is increasingly focusing on sources of income that do not depend on interest, such as the investment business, is participating in innovative growth companies and is investing in (digital) business models that extend beyond traditional banking.

Question 4: How will private and business customers benefit in specific terms?

PostFinance wants to introduce digital banking that’s easy and for everyone. In the future, private customers will be able to conduct their financial affairs even more frequently with simple digital solutions that reduce their workload when managing their finances. Business customers will benefit from individual solutions for the bulk processing of payment transactions as well as comprehensive integrated working capital management solutions in the fields of procurement, logistics and sales to optimize processes and for liquidity management.

Question 5: How will the transformation into a digital powerhouse be successfully undertaken?

An end-to-end digitized customer experience and improved efficiency are key factors. This requires the radical redesign and standardization of processes that don’t rely on manual processing except in exceptional cases. PostFinance fosters a culture of innovation within the company by providing employees with the scope to develop business projects fit for the future and by making suitable methods, tools and facilities available. High-performance innovation management and the VNTR | Innovation & Venturing assume the task of identifying and adopting highly promising products, technologies and business models at an early stage with clearly defined processes.  PostFinance also collaborates with external innovation partners, such as universities, universities of applied sciences, companies and start-ups.

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