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Created on 06.03.2019

Every employee can be a pioneer in some shape or form

PostFinance is developing into a digital powerhouse. Gabriela Länger, Head of Working Environment at PostFinance, explains in an interview the role of the company’s employees in the process and why a pioneering mindset is so important.

What can each employee do to help turn PostFinance into a digital powerhouse?

Gabriela Länger, Head of Working Environment at PostFinance: PostFinance has set itself the target of becoming a digital powerhouse as well as the number one in digital banking in Switzerland. We want our customers to have the very best experience at every point of contact, and we already have some of the makings to do just that. That said, we also need to change and evolve, both in our mindset and our skills, but also in the way we work. 

For you personally, what makes an employee truly pioneering?

Employees who are curious, critical and capable of taking decisive action. At the same time, pioneers also need to be able to deal with setbacks and overcome any frustration. In other words, the people we are talking about are not afraid of making mistakes, and they also take risks, even if they don’t exactly know what the result might be. We want actions from them, not just ideas. That being said, I do recognise that a pioneering approach also requires a culture where people are allowed to make mistakes so they can learn from them, and where people are rewarded for their good performance. 

Where does PostFinance need pioneers?

We need people who can be role models throughout the business. Any employee can be a pioneer in some shape or form no matter what their level or what area they work in. Currently we are particularly looking for specialists in IT: business engineers and project managers who can bring this pioneering spirit to their work, and who can actively help pave the way for the company to become a digital powerhouse.

Looking back recently, what pioneering work at PostFinance has impressed you the most?

A few weeks ago, the very first mortgage comparison platform in Switzerland, Valuu, was launched. It was developed in record time with agile working methods and a tremendous amount of team spirit. This really impressed me, and I am just as proud of our progress in digital transformation. I always love it when employees think outside the box, tackle tasks head-on and take on responsibility themselves.

So does that mean every employee now has to become a Steve Jobs?

Pioneering is not about everyone becoming visionaries or inventors. What we do want, however, is for employees to bring a pioneering spirit to their work. In other words, we are after employees who are open and committed, who interact and who take bold and decisive action to get the job done. 

About Gabriela Länger

Gabriela Länger has been Head of Working Environment at PostFinance and on the Executive Board since November 2017. In her role, she is responsible for both HR and logistics. 

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