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Created on 02.02.2021

Agility in companies: how do you manage agile projects?

Agility is much talked about. But how exactly do you manage an agile project, and how does the process differ from conventional project management? Philippe Renggli, Founder of Who is Frank GmbH, answers four key questions for Connecta.

The vaguer the requirements, the more changeable the framework conditions and the harder it is to plan tasks in a company (and the more complex they are), the more limited in scope conventional project management is. This requires approaches that can cope with the increasing complexity and the unpredictability this brings with it, and one of these is agile working. This will help react to changing market requirements and customer demands faster.

What’s key when it comes to managing agile teams

If you want to adopt an agile approach to work in a company, you will need a new strategy, new skills, new methods, new roles in the team and, it goes without saying, a new project management technique. Philippe Renggli, co-founder of Who is Frank GmbH, advises companies and coaches them to embrace an agile outlook and to introduce agile working methods. As part of The link will open in a new window Connecta, the digital event held by Swiss Post and PostFinance, Philippe Renggli answers these four questions on managing agile projects:

  • how does conventional project management differ from agile project management?
  • How can you make sure agile project management is a success?
  • What problems might agile project management present, and how do you tackle these?
  • When does agility truly deliver better results, and when is it less effective?

Keen to find the answers? Find out more in the video (see the top of this article).

About Philippe Renggli

Philippe Renggli is a coach and innovative thinker whose ambition is to make organizations more modern. He was actively behind the agile transformation of an IT software developer, before going on to manage around 40 people as a head of department. For over three years now, with his company  The link will open in a new window “Who is Frank” , he has helped customers manage and organize change, providing support to both managers and employees in the process.

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