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Created on 26.11.2020 | Updated on 03.06.2021

TWINT partner functions: four new functions of the TWINT App you should be aware of

Are you Twinting yet? Now you can do more than just send and request money or make payments with the popular Swiss app. The free TWINT mobile app is also your saviour when it comes to last-minute gifts or parking fees and even lets you do good with the donation function.

The TWINT payment app has long since established itself on Swiss smartphones. Three million users rely on the mobile payment app to send money from smartphone to smartphone, pay for their online shopping easily with QR codes, collect loyalty cards digitally and pay contactless at the checkout in stores. The TWINT App is increasingly becoming an everyday digital companion in Switzerland.

You can now use the partner functions on your home screen to launch even more processes from the TWINT App. Four functions ensure that vouchers, parking fees and donations can also be processed quickly and securely directly in the app, and that you can withdraw cash even more easily.

No more stress over gifts thanks to digital vouchers

Last-minute gift? Make a wish come true yourself? Or simply surprise someone with a little thank you? There are now digital vouchers via the TWINT partner funtions for this. Users can buy digital vouchers and credits directly in the app – be it for their favourite online shop, streaming services like Spotify, or gaming platforms. The vouchers can also be forwarded directly from the app to other recipients. This ensures gifts don’t get lost and the lucky recipient can redeem the digital credit immediately. As always, the purchase amount is debited directly from the account linked to the TWINT account.

Parking without coins – and without going to the parking meter

Parking is now completely cashless and digital. The TWINT partner functions have a parking function which works even without going to the parking meter. Users can select their parking zone directly in the app and confirm the charge for the intended parking time. And not to worry: if you leave your car in the car park for a shorter period of time, you can finish the parking process early and simply have the difference credited again via the app. In this way, users only pay for the actual parking time.

Just as before, it’s still possible to pay for parking at the parking meter via the TWINT App: for this, users scan the QR code on the parking meter directly via TWINT and then select their parking time. Collecting up coins and feeding the parking meter is definitely a thing of the past.

Do some good in just a few clicks

Giving should be as easy as possible. That’s why the TWINT partner functions now have a donate function. Tap on “Show all” in the partner functions on the home screen and then select the “Donate” function to find out about various aid organizations in Switzerland and donate an amount of your choosing simply, quickly and securely. On request, a donation receipt will also be issued.

Of course it’s also possible to donate in the same way as shopping in an online shop: go to the website, enter the donation amount and contact details, and select payment via TWINT. Payment is then made via a QR code or by entering a transaction number.

Get cash the easy way

Need cash, but no ATM anywhere to be seen? With the “Cash withdrawal” partner function, users can get cash quickly and easily – in more than 2,300 partner shops in the “Sonect” network. These include selected kiosks (such as k kiosks), pharmacies, petrol stations, grocery stores and restaurants throughout Switzerland.

So how does it work? Simply tapping on “Cash withdrawal” in the partner functions on the home screen redirects users to the app of TWINT partner “Sonect”, where they can enter the amount needed. In the partner shop of their choice, they then show the barcode for the withdrawal on their smartphone and receive the cash. With the “Cash withdrawal” partner function, users benefit not only from straightforward processing, but also from transparent fees: CHF 1 is charged for withdrawals of up to CHF 100, CHF 1.50 for withdrawals of CHF 110 or more.

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