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Created on 28.10.2020

Digital health: getting the right support to stay healthy

Is it possible to stay healthy despite, or even thanks to, digitization? And what role do healthcare services play at PostFinance?

Being online all the time and being constantly available can have an impact on our health. That’s why it’s so important to take charge of the situation and learn how to deal with so much information in a sensible way, how to switch off and how to separate our private and professional lives. The key is good self-management, constant personal development and a healthy work-life balance. To stay healthy, it can help to take breaks, relax, switch off from the media from time to time, get enough exercise, go outside, eat a nutritious diet, create some sort of balance and surround yourself with people who care about you. If you can find a bit of free time in your daily routine, you will feel less stressed and are likely to be healthier.

How PostFinance employees are staying healthy thanks to digitization

Digitization is demanding, but the wearables, apps, YouTube videos and online courses can also provide invaluable support when it comes to staying healthy. Two PostFinance employees feel the same way. They run exercise sessions for their colleagues at headquarters and didn’t hesitate to continue the sessions via Zoom during lockdown. “My colleagues’ mental and physical health was extremely important to me, so I set up a livestream for my yoga sessions,” explains Marco Morgenegg, Market Management Specialist at PostFinance. Initially, around 15 people took part from their homes, and a core group continues to participate in the sessions to this day. It’s a similar story for Malenka Jann, a member of the Online Banking Solution Team. She also decided to do something to help people exercise while working from home and ran body strength/stretching sessions three mornings a week. “The thirty-minute session was designed to help people exercise before starting their working day. It was a big success, and a small group of people still takes part on a regular basis.”

PostFinance also supports its staff with digital services

In addition to all these things that employees have been doing for their colleagues, PostFinance also recognizes the importance of comprehensive workplace health management and uses digital channels to provide information and raise awareness of health-related issues. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we provided information on points of contact that people could turn to, gave tips on issues such as loneliness, physical fitness and addiction, and set up a digital coaching service. This enables our employees to seek support quickly and easily when they feel overwhelmed in their personal or professional lives. What’s more, staff also benefit from Group-wide services such as the digital health reminder tool, which regularly prompts users to take a break. This can be especially useful when working from home, because it’s easy to forget to take a breather when you’re not with your colleagues.

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