SCL Young Tigers

Off to hockey school

The SCL Young Tigers provide their young ice hockey players with professional support, and PostFinance’s Top Scorer funds also come in very handy here.

The SCL Young Tigers provide professional support to kids in both competitive and recreational sport. A key part of the club’s youth programme is its hockey school, where young players are taught the fundamental aspects of ice hockey in a fun and engaging way. Some of the financial support the school receives comes in the form of PostFinance’s Top Scorer funds, which is invested in new training gear and equipment so that the kids can get into the sport without it costing the earth. The SCL Young Tigers are guided by the values of passion, humility and drive, and they both support and challenge their young players in all sorts of age-appropriate training sessions.


Number of children
240 including the hockey school (15 girls and 225 boys)
Number of teams
Youngest team member
4 years of age
Training sessions
3 to 6 a week for each team
  • Date of birth: 24.06.2006
    Playing ice hockey since: January 2009

    “Ice hockey is my life. I like the speed of the game and winning as a team. My role model is Rasmus Dahlin.”

  • Date of birth: 04.09.2006
    Playing ice hockey since: January 2009

    “Hockey is my passion and I have so much fun playing it. My role models are Sidney Crosby and Jörg Reber.”

  • Date of birth: 12.03.2005
    Playing ice hockey since: January 2008

    “Ice hockey means everything to me. I love scoring goals and being with my teammates. My role model is Pavel Datsyuk.”

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