EHC Biel-Bienne Spirit

For the champions of tomorrow

At EHC Biel-Bienne Spirit AG, young ice hockey players can learn a lot to help them with the sport and life in general. Top Scorer funding from PostFinance also helps support these players.

EHC Biel-Bienne Spirit AG is committed to professional youth sports. It strives to create the best possible environment for this whilst also promoting recreational sport to the best of its abilities. The Top Scorer money goes towards special youth projects, for instance new hockey school equipment, the hiring of a skills coach to work on the finishing techniques of the players, or to run additional training camps for all age groups. EHC Biel-Bienne Spirit AG offers a reputable, focused training programme for up-and-coming talent that caters to all age groups. And it’s a genuine youth forum – a place that helps not only with a sports career, but also provides lessons for life. Training always focuses on tolerance, responsibility, respect for others and self-respect.


Number of children
235 (4 girls, 231 boys)
Number of teams
Youngest team member
3 years of age
Training sessions
4–6 training sessions a week, plus 1–2 further training sessions per week
  • Date of birth: 18.01.2006
    Playing ice hockey since: 2010

    “I like how fast the game is, I relish the challenge of it all and the goal to achieve something as a team.” Ice hockey is extremely important to me! It's like an obsession. My current role model is Patrick Kane.”

  • Date of birth: 25.09.2010
    Playing ice hockey since: 2014

    “I really like to play in defence and to just get “stuck in” with my teammates. Hockey means everything to me. I would like to go professional in this sport later on in life. My idols are Eric Karlsson and Janis Moser.”

  • Date of birth: 30.10.2010 / 25.07.2008
    Playing ice hockey since: 2016 and 2013 respectively

    Livio: “I play ice hockey because it’s fun and there is loads of action involved. My role model is Sidney Crosby.”
    Nico: “I really love the speed of the game and playing as a team. I am ice hockey mad. My role model is Nico Hischier.”

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