Association Genève Futur Hockey

Promoting ice hockey in primary schools

The Association Genève Futur Hockey (AGFH) is committed to getting primary school-age children into ice hockey, and it uses PostFinance’s Top Scorer funds to do so.

The Association Genève Futur Hockey (AGFH) is shaping the next generation of ice hockey in Geneva, but it’s also a school of life, so to speak, for young athletes as they gradually reach adulthood. The organization invests Top Scorer funds into things such as educational materials, which it needs for its primary school visits, as well as equipment like helmets, jerseys, sticks and goal nets. Through the work it does in primary schools, the AGFH hopes to raise awareness of the sport and to spark people’s enthusiasm. The organization fosters and embodies the values of self-respect and respect for others, in addition to team spirit.


Number of children
79 (only boys)
Number of teams
Youngest team member
13 years of age
6 coaches (3 head coaches / 3 assistant coaches), 3 off-ice coaches
Training sessions
U15, U17 and U20 elite: 4 ice hockey training sessions and 4 off-ice sessions, plus 1–2 games per week
  • Date of birth: 16.04.2004
    Playing ice hockey since: 2007

    “The thing I love about ice hockey is the atmosphere and the experiences we have together as a team.” Ice hockey to me is a lifestyle that is sometimes tough, but always fun. My role model is Andrei Svechnikov: I love how passionately he plays. It’s always fun to see him on the ice.”

  • Date of birth: 05.07.2003
    Playing ice hockey since: 2008

    “I love the competition. I always want to win and give it my all. Ice hockey means a lot to me. This sport is a big part of my life. I’ve learnt a lot thanks to ice hockey – both on and off the ice. My role model is Nathan Mackinnon: he's a really good all-round player with great skills.”

  • Date of birth: 20.11.2006
    Playing ice hockey since 2014

    “I started out skating in 2014, and started playing hockey for Geneva in 2015. I like everything about ice hockey, but most of all the speed of the game. Ice hockey is my passion. This sport takes a lot out of you, but I’m happy to put the work in. My idol is Roman Josi.”

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