E-asset management

You delegate, we deliver. It’s completely normal.

Don’t have the time or inclination to invest? With e-asset management, you can sit back and relax. Our team of investment experts will make your investment decisions for you and keep track of trends on the financial markets.

CHF 100 as a giftCHF 100 as a gift

If you invest 5,000 francs with e-asset management by 30 November 2022, you’ll receive 100 francs as credit.

Regularly increase the amount you investRegularly increase the amount you invest

You can now invest in your e-asset management via a savings plan and benefit from the cost averaging effect. It couldn’t be easier.

E-asset management: delegate investment decisions

  • Delegate your investment decisions to PostFinance’s experts

  • From a minimum subscription of CHF 5,000 (initial investment)

  • Individual investment focus: Switzerland, Global or Sustainability

  • An attractive range of funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs)

  • Explore how you can set up the e-asset management investment solution online and get an overview of the most important functions:

    Based on your personal investor profile, your investment term and your chosen investment focus, we propose an individual investment strategy for you. This sets out and defines the ratio of different asset classes (liquidity, bonds, equities, alternative investments) and the ranges (bandwidths) within which they can move. You choose an individual investment focus to reflect your personal preferences in your portfolio.

    Our market view is incorporated into your e-asset management based on current market developments and your investment strategy. You can rely on our investment experts to monitor and implement your investment strategy. From analysing the market environment to investing in our investment universe: our structured investment process ensures that your portfolio is always invested optimally and in accordance with your individual investment strategy.

  • Consulting and service

    In e-asset management, we monitor your portfolio on a daily basis in line with the agreed investment strategy. In this way, we ensure that your portfolio is adapted to the relevant market environment as effectively as possible.

    Upon request, you can benefit from the advice of our expert investment consultants. In your e-finance, you also have the option to view your portfolio and performance at any time and, if necessary, adapt your investment strategy or change the chosen investment focus.

    Funds saving plan

    You can increase the amount you invest at any time in e-asset management. You can choose between a one-off transfer and a standing transfer order. The “standing transfer order” function allows you to set up a saving plan very easily.

    Our market view

    PostFinance’s investment committee analyses current market developments in detail to determine positioning. Adjustments based on market developments are implemented as part of your investment strategy. We ensure that any decision we make is in our customers’ interests, and we convey our positioning transparently in our monthly publication investment compass.

  • Investment is a personal matter. Set your own personal priorities and choose your individual investment focus: Switzerland, Global or Sustainability.

    Switzerland: a portfolio with a strong domestic focus

    If you set your focus to the domestic market without neglecting diversification, you will benefit predominantly from the development of the Swiss market.

    Global: the best the world has to offer

    If you opt for a diversified global investment, you will benefit from differing economic cycles, interest rate levels and currencies.

    Sustainability: informed investment

    Take into account sustainability criteria with regard to the environment, society, and responsible corporate governance in order to invest in a more environmentally-friendly and climate-friendly manner.

    Further information on the investment process

    In the video, find out how our market view is formed and incorporated into e-asset management in line with your investment strategy.

    By carefully selecting and systematically checking each investment instrument, we provide you with an attractive investment universe. When selecting these instruments, we only consider actively and passively managed funds with no sales remuneration, as well as exchange traded funds (ETFs).

  • Service fee
    0.75% p.a. on the investment assets incl. investment account
    Sales remuneration
    Minimum investment amount (initial investment and redemption)
    CHF 5,000
    Minimum amount (follow-up investment)
    From CHF 0
    Standing transfer order (savings plan)
    From CHF 0 at regular intervals (monthly, twice a month, every two months or quarterly)
    Please note that investment amounts of up to 5,000 francs are generally only invested as part of the next rebalancing.
    Securities deliveries to third-party banks

    Not possible

    Other price items and information on fees

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