PostFinance Visa Classic Card and Mastercard Standard

Get money back on all purchases worldwide

With the PostFinance Visa Classic Card and PostFinance Mastercard® Standard, you can shop online or in-store around the world, withdraw cash and make contactless payments at the checkout. You get money back on all purchases made in Switzerland and abroad. You can access your credit card details conveniently in e-finance and via the PostFinance App at any time. The PostFinance Visa Classic Card and Mastercard Standard are among the best credit cards in Switzerland.

PostFinance Visa Classic Card and PostFinance Mastercard Standard: get money back on all purchases worldwide

  • Make cashless purchases worldwide and pay online

  • Withdraw cash worldwide

  • Simple card management in e-finance and via the PostFinance App

  • Free SMS notification for executed transactions

  • Discounted car rental with Avis

  • Bonus programme – for all purchases worldwide

  • With the unlimited cash bonus programme for the Classic/Standard cards from PostFinance, you can benefit from a turnover reimbursement of 0.3%. In the first year you receive a double bonus. The payment is made directly into your private account semi-annually, in June and December. Cash withdrawals and debits for interest, prices and fees are not taken into account for calculating the turnover reimbursement.

    Cashback on the sales turnover achieved:

    • 0.6% in the first year
    • 0.3% from the second year
  • Make contactless payments

    The contactless payment function allows you to pay small amounts of up to CHF 40 without entering your PIN. Simply hold your card against the payment terminal and your purchase is complete. For sums exceeding CHF 40, you will also need to enter your PIN.

    Manage your credit card in e-finance

    Thanks to secure e-finance, you have your credit card under control at all times:

    • Check the available amount, your card limit and the accrued bonus amount
    • Top up your card to increase the available amount
    • Check all transactions in the current accounting period and the last 15 accounting periods
    • Block and unblock a card, order a replacement card and PIN
    • Free SMS notifications for executed transactions
    • Set the preferred payment method for the monthly credit card invoice
  • AVIS – discounted car rental

    Book your rented vehicle via the link below and pay with your PostFinance Visa Classic Card or PostFinance Mastercard Standard. You will receive the discount automatically.

    Rental vehicles can be booked by calling 0848 811 818. Quote the AWD number (Avis Worldwide Discount number). You can find it on the back of your Classic/Standard card.

  • 3-D Secure – shop online easily and securely

    The 3-D Secure procedure is a service provided by Mastercard/Visa and PostFinance, which makes online shopping with a credit card more secure. More and more retailers are using this procedure. Customers are asked to confirm the payment with an additional security element when they shop online.

    Safe use of PostFinance credit/prepaid cards

    • Sign the back of the card immediately upon receipt.
    • Always keep the card in a safe place and check regularly to ensure that it is still in your possession, particularly when travelling.
    • If your card is lost, stolen or withheld by an ATM, or if you suspect it is being misused, you should ask PostFinance Customer Service to block it immediately. Alternatively, you can block the card yourself in your e-finance.
    • Keep the Customer Service telephone number (blocking center) to hand at all times by storing it in your mobile phone.
    • Check your monthly bill immediately upon receipt against your purchase receipts, which should be retained for this purpose. Report any discrepancies to PostFinance Customer Service, in particular debits resulting from misuse of the card, within 30 days of receipt of your monthly bill.
  • Should you lose your card, we are there for you 24/7. We will replace the card as quickly as possible, usually within three working days.

    Block and replace via e-finance

    Block and replace via telephone

    In Switzerland: 0848 888 400 (max. CHF 0.08/min. in Switzerland)

    From abroad: +41 44 828 32 81

  • Issue criteria

    Minimum gross annual income of CHF 30,000

    Card prices

    The annual fee is debited directly from the card account.

    Main card
    CHF 50 per year (free of charge for student account)
    Partner card/second card
    CHF 20 per year

    Replacement Card

    Via hotline/customer advisor
    CHF 30 per card
    Via e-finance
    CHF 25 per card

    Card blocking

    Via hotline/customer advisor
    Free of charge
    Via e-finance
    Free of charge

    Payment methods

    Payment period for monthly bill
    20 days, default interest charged thereafter
    Part payment
    • Possible, if there is no risk of overindebtedness
    • 9.5% effective annual interest rate
    Settlement of monthly bill
    Settlement via Swiss Debit Direct, e-bill or inpayment slip
    Increase available amount
    • Via inpayment to the card account (free of charge in e-finance)
    • To increase your spending limit, please ask in writing from 
      Customer Service

    An excessive credit card limit can lead to financial difficulties, especially if there is a change in the income/expenditure situation due to unexpected circumstances.

    Payments and cash withdrawals

    Monthly spending limit
    Transactions abroad (CHF/foreign currencies)
    1.2% processing surcharge (The exchange rate (selling rate) used is set once a day and is valid for processing on the next working day.)
    Cash withdrawals at ATMs in Switzerland and abroad
    3.5% commission (minimum CHF 10)
    Monthly cash withdrawal limit
    • CHF 1,000 per day from ATMs
    • Max. 40% of spending limit

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