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Created on 31.08.2020

Credit cards: did you know about these functions?

Whether you're shopping online, at the top of a mountain or in a shop: credit cards are not only widely accepted as a means of payment, they also come with a range of useful functions. These can be seen in the following situations.

Just bought something, but not sure your payment was processed properly? Take advantage of the “Notifications” function.

You just bought an electronic gadget in a US-based online shop and paid by credit card. But now you're suddenly unsure whether the payment was processed correctly.

Tip: set up the free SMS notifications function in e-finance to receive information about credit card transactions and to display the amount charged to you immediately after each transaction. This is not restricted to online shopping, but can be used for all credit card charges from domestic and foreign providers.

Lost your card? Just block or unblock it yourself.

You’re taking the chairlift up to the mountain summit station and notice that your wallet is no longer in the outside pocket of your backpack. The zip is open, and you’re sure you must have lost your wallet and credit card back at the valley station.

Tip: play it safe and block your credit card yourself right away. You can do this easily by logging into e-finance via the PostFinance App with your smartphone, which fortunately is in your jacket pocket. Then select the person icon and go to Settings > My profile > My data > My products, choose the relevant card and block it. You can use the same steps to unblock the card yourself if it reappears. Alternatively, you can call the hotline.

Not sure how much credit you have left on your card? Just look up the available amount.

You try on a sports jacket in a shop – it fits you perfectly, but now you're not sure the jacket will fit the amount available on your credit card.

Tip: just take out your smartphone, log into e-finance and check your current credit limit.

Got enough money, but not on your credit card? Just top up your card.

You know you have enough money in your account to buy that sports jacket but don't have enough credit on your credit card because you've used it too much this month?

Tip: with just a few clicks, you can increase your available credit by topping up the amount on your credit card in e-finance. In e-finance, go to Enter payment > Transfers > Load credit card. As soon as you have topped up your credit card with the desired amount, you can make your purchase by credit card.

Good to know: why it is particularly worthwhile to pay with your credit card.

The bonus programme gives you 0.3% or 0.5% cashback on every payment depending on the card. You even receive double the bonus in the first year.

With your PostFinance credit card, you get a discount when renting a car from Avis.

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