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Created on 02.08.2018

Core investment and priorities for successful investment strategies

Customer requirements and investment strategies are wide-ranging. The individual strategy is heavily dependent upon the investment horizon, risk capacity and risk appetite. The core/satellite method is a proven approach for defining and implementing investment strategies.

80 to 100% as a core investment and 20% for priorities

An investment strategy which has become well established over recent years is the division of the personal fund investment based on the core/satellite strategy. The assets are distributed into a larger core element and a smaller one with so-called satellites. The core consists of around 80% of the total investment and is the most significant part of the portfolio and therefore the strategic component. The satellites allow investors to determine individual priorities, for example, with specialized funds.

Here they focus on short-term and long-term priorities and follow trends that best suit their investor profile. For instance, you can invest in specialized equity funds which place an emphasis on the performance of small companies, sectors, regions or sustainability.

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