Fund self-service

Invest the way you want

With fund self-service, you invest your money the way you want in selected funds. You are familiar with investing and do not need advice.

Fund self-service: you invest your money independently in selected funds

  • Benefit from a clear range of funds

  • Choose and invest in funds independently

  • Your portfolio is available online at any time

  • Invest with individual purchase and/or funds saving plan

  • Individual purchase: for ad hoc investment

    With an individual purchase, you invest a specific amount in a selected fund or purchase a specific number of units. Individual purchase is suitable for ad hoc investment. You can purchase additional units with subsequent purchases.

    Funds saving plan

    The funds saving plan can be set up directly in e-finance or using an order form. It enables you to invest in the funds of your choice at half-monthly, monthly, two-monthly or quarterly intervals. From as little as 20 francs (or the equivalent value in a foreign currency), you can invest regularly in 15 PostFinance Fonds and 39 funds from third-party providers.

  • In Switzerland, over 9,000 funds are available for purchase. PostFinance offers you a clear range of proven funds. You can choose from 15 PostFinance Fonds and around 39 third-party funds. These funds can help you diversify your portfolio and tailor it to match your interests. For instance, you have the option of investing in certain regions, industries or in sustainability, or you can focus on a specific area, such as technology, water or food production.

    • Processing of transactions and custody account management
    • Custody account statement, six-monthly
    • Swiss tax statement subject to a fee

    In your e-finance, you also have the option at any time of viewing your portfolio and performance, executing transactions, and adapting your funds saving plans.

  • Custody account fees
    0.15% p.a. on the average custody account assets
    For higher custody account assets, the custody account fees are lower

    0.15% from CHF 0 p.a.
    0.15% from CHF 250,000 p.a.
    0.10% from CHF 500,000 p.a.
    0.05% from CHF 1 million p.a.

    Transaction fees
    1.00% issue commission on the subscription amount (max. CHF 1,000 or equivalent value in foreign currency). No redemption commission
    Minimum investment amount (initial investment) per fund
    CHF 2,000
    Funds saving plan
    From CHF 20
    Follow-on purchase
    At least CHF 100

    More information on the fees

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