Third-party funds

Our range of over 9,000 funds

In addition to our own funds, you can also purchase funds from third-party providers in the fund self-service and fund consulting basic investment solutions. We always look for the most reliable funds from amongst the 9,000 funds that are approved in Switzerland, and we pick a clearly structured range of around 39 funds for our customers. We will be happy to make a pre-selection for you based on your individual investment strategy

  • The same applies to the range of third-party funds as to our own funds: we have the right solution for you, tailored to your individual investment needs. Our wide range of diversified investment funds enables long-term asset growth. PostFinance, your partner for investment and retirement planning solutions.

  • We select our third-party funds based on certain internal specifications, and following careful consideration. For instance: there are funds with active (usually costlier) and passive (cheaper) fund management. In active fund management, the fund manager looks specifically for promising investments, whereas in passive fund management, they solely follow a specific index. In poorly developed markets, we favour active fund management seeing as the fund manager’s expertise and the higher costs this involves may pay off.

    In the case of bond funds, we tend to opt for a product with currency hedging against the Swiss franc. This is different to pure equity funds. We are also always looking for new investment trends, which we then test and potentially add to our range of services.

  • Working alongside independent fund specialists, we have our third-party funds undergo a quality inspection each year. This involves comparing the funds to products with the same characteristics. The performance is not the only thing that really matters here, it is also the risk involved. We also assess criteria such as fund management consistency, investment process consistency and various other factors.

    If a fund does not stand out from similar products and it no longer meets our requirements, we change it. As an investor, you will be notified in writing in good time if this happens.

  • Third-party funds can help you diversify your portfolio and tailor it to match your interests. For instance, you have the option of investing in certain regions or industries, or you can focus on a specific area such as technology, water or ageing. We also offer you the opportunity to invest in sustainable or ESG-related funds.

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