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Created on 05.07.2021

Financing for advanced training: your options range from employee contributions to personal loans

Keen to start advanced training, but concerned about financing? We will show you different ways you can get ahead when it comes to your finances too.

Lifelong learning is a matter of course for many employees. By drawing on newly acquired competences and skills, employees can gain access to exciting professional opportunities, and also see an increase in their personal satisfaction. After completing your advanced training, you may well be in a position to ask for more pay. Most importantly, you remain an attractive prospect for the labour market. The prerequisite, of course, is that you find an advanced training programme that will actually help you get ahead. The Swiss education portal The link will open in a new window has compiled a guide that can help people find the right advanced training programme.

Where to find the money you need?

When you have found the right programme, the question of financing arises. If you are unable to finance your advanced training with your own funds, the following options are available:

Financing of your advanced training by your employer

An employer will often be the first port of call when it comes to financing advanced training. Make it clear to your manager that the programme you’ve chosen will not only help you develop, it will also be an asset to the company. For more comprehensive education, a contract is usually drawn up that not only stipulates how much the employer will pay, it also lists potential repayment arrangements and any other obligations the two parties have (e.g. the minimum period in which you are committed to working for the company). Under labour law, employers are not actually obliged to finance the advanced training of their employees. Financing is provided on a voluntary basis.

Money put towards your advanced training by friends and family

Parents, aunts, grandparents and close friends: perhaps your friends and relatives can provide you with financial support to help you progress in your career with advanced training. However, be sure to make a written note of how much you have been loaned and the terms. This will save you from any disappointment caused by ambiguities and help you avoid unnecessary disputes.

Grants and loans

Some cantons provide grants or loans for training and advanced training programmes. However, assistance is only provided if you are not in a financial position to cover the costs of advanced training yourself. Other provisions such as age restrictions also come into play. Each canton has its own laws and regulations on the awarding of grants. Various foundations also grant loans for advanced training.

Financing your advanced training with a personal loan

Personal loans are a common way to finance an advanced training programme. They help people pursue their advanced training plans with ease. This is because a personal loan will help you stay independent: you are free to choose your own advanced training programme whilst not being bound to your employer’s preferences, and you do not have to enter any agreements with them either. It is a good idea to take out credit protection when opting for a personal loan. This will ensure that you, as the borrower, are protected against any risks in the event of unemployment, incapacity or inability to work.

Useful information

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