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Created on 29.06.2018 | Updated on 17.07.2020

Purchase funds online − we show you how easy it is

Would you like to purchase funds online but don’t know how? No problem – we’ll show you how to do it, so you can see that it really isn’t that complicated. You can purchase funds in just a few clicks whenever you have a spare moment.

Investing in funds for the first time is not a step to be taken lightly. It is not unusual to feel uncertain. All the more important to know that this step is not as complicated as you would think. You can invest in the desired fund online with just a few clicks. Before taking control of your own investments, it is worth asking whether you are ready to start investing on your own. Find out in this article “Are you ready to manage your own investments? If you can answer these five questions, the answer is yes“.

First step

You should determine the following before your first fund units purchase:

  • Your risk capacity  and your risk appetite 
  • Your investment horizon
  • The type of fund that suits you (e.g. an equity fund or a real estate fund)
  • Whether you want to make a one-off investment or invest at regular intervals with a funds saving plan

With a funds savings plan, you can invest small amounts (at PostFinance from a minimum of CHF 20) regularly in selected funds.

This how to purchase funds easily if you are already an experienced investor

Have you invested your money in funds, shares or other investments frequently? Are you an experienced investor and already know your investment strategy and would like to invest in investment funds independently with no need for any advice? With PostFinance’s fund self-service, you invest your money the way you want in selected funds. Third-party funds are checked annually by PostFinance and replaced free of charge if they no longer meet the quality standards. Because you are investing independently and online, you will also benefit from favourable terms. Find out more in the article “Fund self-service: invest the way you want”.

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