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Created on 01.10.2020 | Updated on 19.05.2022

Online shops: ensuring everything runs smoothly through to checkout

Do you have room for improvement when it comes to online sales? These ideas will help you to optimize your solution – whether by making it easier to find your shop, conveying a sense of trustworthiness or offering a smart checkout with the right payment methods.

Lots of online retailers want to generate more revenue. But how can sales be increased? One option is to make more people aware of your shop. Another is to encourage customers to make purchases through trust-building measures and by offering the right payment methods. 

Tip 1: Customers must be able to find you

A great shop with fantastic products is of little use if nobody can find it. What is the best approach to adopt? Effective search engine positioning can be ensured by creating good content with keywords – this means using words that potential customers are searching for. Customers may also find their way to your online shop via social networks or links on other websites and in newsletters. Presence in marketplaces can also increase reach and, in turn, revenue. Vouchers or promotional discounts are good ways of achieving new customer acquisition or reactivating existing customers. If these measures prove unsuccessful, additional advertising can be used. As well as traditional campaigns, Google Ads and adverts on social media are a smart way of attracting new customers.

Tip 2: Customers must trust you

Customers must feel comfortable before they buy. This starts with a secure website (https) and professional look, with high-quality images and error-free texts, but also includes trust-building elements such as quality seals, customer ratings, money-back guarantees and transparent communication. Online shops that do not show the delivery costs until the purchase process increase their cancellation rate. The delivery costs should be easy to find on the product pages or on the website and clearly displayed at the bottom of the overview page. Free delivery generally increases completion of sales, and mentioning this again during the purchase process can convince undecided customers. Information on the delivery time should also be provided as early as possible. What’s more, customers appreciate being able to track consignments online. Contact details must be provided to allow customers to get in touch with the company if they have any questions. A rapid response time helps to avoid losing customers.

Tip 3: Customers want their preferred payment method

Many customers abandon the purchase process if their preferred payment method is not available in the online shop. To avoid situations in which customers do not find out whether they can pay with their chosen option – for example, the PostFinance Card – until the payment process, the logos of all available payment methods should be displayed clearly on the website. Which payment methods are provided depends on the target market. Purchases via credit card and invoice are particularly popular options in Switzerland. It is better to avoid unfamiliar providers, as online payment is a matter of trust. It is important to choose an e-payment solution which makes it easy to integrate the preferred payment methods – such as PostFinance Checkout All-in-one, which offers extremely convenient set-up of the common payment methods and a single contact partner for all payment methods, or PostFinance Checkout Flex, which is an extremely flexible solution.

When PostFinance Checkout All-in-one is the ideal solution for your shop

PostFinance Checkout All-in-one represents a complete e-payment solution that you can integrate into your online shop as a module quickly and easily in just a few clicks. PostFinance Checkout All-in-one is compatible with all standard payment solutions and has a standardized commission fee:

  • PostFinance E-Finance
  • PostFinance Card
  • Visa
  • Mastercard®

When PostFinance Checkout Flex is the ideal solution for your shop

PostFinance Checkout Flex gives you an optimal choice of payment methods. You simply integrate the required option and negotiate the prices yourself with the acceptance partners. This gives you considerable flexibility. You also enjoy attractive conditions and gain access to lots of useful payment processing functions. PostFinance Checkout Flex can also be used to
make payments at physical points of sale.

Each week, you receive a comprehensive, consolidated invoice in CSV format by e-mail for all the listed payment methods. The related back office tool also gives you access to details of the payment transactions, and you can manage users and settings at all times.

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