CO2 calculator

Calculate your carbon footprint

PostFinance wants to systematically reduce its own carbon footprint and contribute to curbing global warming. The CO2 calculator helps you work out approximately how much CO2 you emit with your personal consumption.

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Here at PostFinance , we acknowledge our responsibility, which is why we are committed to protecting the environment. To this end, we set ourselves ambitious reduction targets, and, working with Swiss Post Group, are aiming to achieve climate neutrality together.

We are embarking on this journey together with our customers because, when it comes to mitigating climate change, every contribution counts. The greatest potential on an individual level lies in changing our consumer behaviour, which is responsible for over 60% of individual CO2 emissions (The link will open in a new window according to a study by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office). This is why it is so important we know and analyse the carbon footprint of our own personal consumption.

This is precisely where our solution comes in, and we aim to raise customer awareness more and more about the issue and to encourage changes in behaviour. If you use PostFinance’s CO2 calculator, you can see how large the carbon footprint of your own personal consumption is, and how these emissions impact efforts to reach the Paris Agreement’s climate targets. To do this, the CO2 calculator analyses (anonymously, of course) your behaviour, and provides tips on how to improve it. You also have the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint with various offsetting methods.

Thank you for joining us on the road to greater sustainability. 

How the CO2 calculator works

The calculator is essentially based on the transaction data from your card payments. This data is augmented with emission factors, and a summary of the data is displayed each month in 14 categories. Your data is used to calculate the average for PostFinance customers, for display in the CO2 calculator overview, and to maintain and improve the CO2 calculator.

Your data is not disclosed to third parties. By logging in and launching the calculator, you agree to the processing of your data. 

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