Offsetting and neutralization

Partners for reducing CO2 emissions

We all have the chance to help reduce CO2 emissions in one way or another. Our CO2 calculator provides customers with a way of keeping track of their emissions, as well as direct ways to offset or neutralize them.

It has long been well established that CO2 emissions have an impact on and indeed exacerbate climate change. It’s also very clear that we must strive to reduce our carbon footprint as substantially and as quickly as possible. All of us have the means to reduce our carbon footprint. Here at PostFinance, we see this as a very meaningful and effective way of mitigating our impact on the environment, and of doing our bit to combat global warming.

The CO2 calculator tells our customers what their carbon footprint actually is. If you’re looking for more than pure figures and wish to proactively reduce your carbon footprint, then we can offer you all sorts of ways to offset or neutralize your emissions.

We’ve selected three partners who have different approaches to offsetting or neutralizing CO2 emissions. 

Buy CO2 compensations or trees in e-finance

Buy CO2 compensations or trees now from one of the providers listed below and help us on our path to a more sustainable future. Thank you for your support.

Here’s how it works

  • Select the desired provider in e-finance under “Offer”.
  • You must activate the offers once when you make your first purchase. 

Almighty Tree

By making a financial contribution to Almighty Tree, you’re helping to fund the planting of trees in Switzerland. Trees naturally absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, helping to maintain climate balance in the process. All trees are planted in Switzerland. This helps to restore forests and preserve natural diversity.


Here we have a very innovative method of technological CO2 removal. Machines are used to filter CO2 out of the atmosphere, which is absorbed into the ground for thousands of years. This technology is called “direct air capture and storage” and has many benefits: the CO2 emissions are permanently stored, and every CO2 molecule removed can be accurately measured. The technology is also scalable due to high space efficiency and its modular design. 

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