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Created on 27.05.2020 | Updated on 03.06.2021

Here’s something great for your ears: the PostFinance Podcast

As reading can sometimes be quite demanding: the PostFinance Podcast brings you interesting, up-to-date topics to listen to. The subjects are as varied as our area of activity.

About the podcast

Our podcast is designed to introduce you to the world of PostFinance and offer you a little look behind the scenes of a bank. Our aim is to establish dialogue and explain how PostFinance goes the extra mile for its customers. To do so, we seek to give you a better understanding of the dull world of banking and finance, and show you how trendy, sexy and straightforward it actually is.

PostFinance Podcast

“What does smart banking mean to PostFinance, why is it launching the Smart and SmartPlus banking packages and what’s next for the PostFinance App?” − Sandra Lienhart, Chief Business Unit Officer Retail Banking at PostFinance, answers these questions, and many more. Tune in if you want to hear what Sandra has to say about her sector, discover the thinking behind the new app and find out why PostFinance has modified its asset fees.

The podcast has been recorded in Swiss German. Your feedback is welcome.

Previous episodes

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