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Created on 27.05.2020 | Updated on 04.05.2022

Here’s something great for your ears: the PostFinance Podcast

As reading can sometimes be quite demanding: the PostFinance Podcast brings you interesting, up-to-date topics to listen to. The subjects are as varied as our area of activity.

About the podcast

With the PostFinance podcast, we aim to introduce listeners to a wide range of topics on money, banking in Switzerland and PostFinance. We show you how exciting and lively the world of finance can be. PostFinance is not what you think. And here is where you’ll find out where we are faster, more innovative and even geared toward everyday life. It’s completely normal.

PostFinance Podcast

In the new PostFinance podcast, we dive deep into the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. But don’t worry: diving aids are at the ready! Fintech expert Rino Borini and Digital Assets Lead Dr. Alexander Thoma from the PostFinance VNTR team explain what’s important for entering the world of bitcoin and the like, shed light on risks and opportunities and encourage even the hesitant to take the plunge.

The podcast is in Swiss German. Your feedback is welcome.

Previous episodes

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