Overview of countries

An overview of all countries covered by international payment transactions together with their ISO codes. It gives detailed information on possible payment methods and currencies.

Currency detail

Canadian Dollar

Cash international Buy Sell
Cash internationalNo amount limit Buy 0.7196 Sell0.7528
FX Fast Rate Buy Sell
FX Fast Rateuntil CHF 50,000 Buy 0.7263 Sell0.7461
FX Fast Rateuntil CHF 150,000 Buy 0.7299 Sell0.7425
FX Fast Rateuntil CHF 250,000 Buy 0.7299 Sell0.7425
Giro international Buy Sell
Giro internationaluntil CHF 50,000 Buy 0.7270 Sell0.7454
Giro internationaluntil CHF 150,000 Buy 0.7307 Sell0.7417
Giro internationalmore than CHF 150,000 Buy 0.7307 Sell0.7417