Contact and support for eInvoicing

Here you can find answers to questions about the eInvoicing portal and e-bill.

  • With e-bill, you can send bills electronically to or receive bills electronically from your customers directly from your system or via the eInvoicing portal for simple and efficient payment transactions.

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  • eBill involves sending an electronic invoice to an e-banking system or to e-finance, where it is paid directly by the invoice recipient.

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    eBill for private customers

  • You can find this information on the relevant product pages under the heading “Documents and links”:

    Manuals and more for invoice issuers

    Manuals and more for invoice recipients

  • Thanks to its cooperation with many software partners, PostFinance provides various solutions that facilitate day-to-day business at your company or association.

    List of software partners for e-bill
  • As soon as you have access to the eInvoicing portal, you can register for the e-bill solution at PostFinance, as well as submit and collect invoice files.
  • If you already use e-finance:
    Log in with your e-finance login and follow the instructions for the eInvoicing registration process.

    If you do not have an e-finance login:
    Set up a new login with your e-mail address and password. Select “Register now” and follow the instructions.

    If you encounter problems during registration, please contact the e-bill helpdesk on 0800 111 101 or send an e-mail to
  • For questions about e-bill products or eBill, please contact your advisor. 

    For questions about using e-bills, logging in to the new eInvoicing portal or e-archive, please contact the e-bill helpdesk by calling 0800 111 101 or via e-mail at