Life insurance savings

For early retirement planning

With the SmartFlex pension plan (pillar 3a/3b), our life insurance savings, you save in a yield-oriented, individual way and with the appropriate risk protection for old age. Adapt your pension plan flexibly – to current and future life situations.

Benefit nowBenefit now

We will give you one monthly premium free of charge  (up to a maximum of 1,000 francs) if you take out a SmartFlex pension plan in a PostFinance branch by 30 April 2024.

Life insurance savings: close gaps in retirement provision

  • Retirement provision as a supplement to pillars 1 and 2

  • Variations in fixed or flexible retirement savings (pillar 3a/3b)

  • Possibilities for tax optimizations

  • Optional premium waiver in the event of incapacity to work

  • Regular premium payments: monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually

  • Various death benefit options for the financial protection of your family members

  • benefits

    The SmartFlex pension plan offers retirement provision, tax savings and protection at the same time. With the SmartFlex pension plan, premiums are divided into a compensating balance and an income-earning asset according to your investor profile. The compensating balance is subject to a fixed interest rate and the earning asset correlates to the capital invested in equity funds. You have a choice between different areas of investment.

    Areas of investment

    With the SmartFlex pension plan, you have the opportunity to decide for yourself in which areas your financial asset will be invested on a yield-oriented basis. The investment areas allow you to choose an investment according to your personal preferences. The investment areas each include a mutual fund with 100% equities, are broadly diversified and denominated in Swiss francs. Particularly in the case of a longer investment horizon, and taking into account your risk profile, a higher share of equity would be appropriate as temporary price fluctuations are less significant. The return on these funds is automatically reinvested. In this way you benefit from the compound interest effect.

    • Investment area dividends
    • Investment area global
    • Investment area sustainability
  • Financial security

    Financial security or financing home ownership

    Beneficiary clause

    Pillar 3a: in accordance with statutory provisions
    Pillar 3b: may be chosen freely and modified in writing at any time  

    Privileged inheritance status

    Life insurance capital does not form part of the deceased’s estate, but is paid out to the beneficiary directly. Beneficiaries who are family members receive the insurance benefit even if they renounce their inheritance

    Privileged protection

    To ensure their suitability as family retirement provisions, life insurance policies enjoy a privileged legal status in the event of bankruptcy or debt collection proceedings.

    Pillar 3a:

    Life insurance claims cannot be pledged before they are due.

    Pillar 3b:

    Provided the spouse/registered partner, children or parents are beneficiaries, life insurance claims may be pledged before they are due, or included in the bankruptcy estate of the policyholder. 

    Advantages SmartFlex pension plan

    • Tax-privileged and return-oriented pension plan
    • Flexible choice of premium split between compensating balance and income-earning asset
    • Choice of safety options
    • Choice of coverage for the risks of death and occupational disability
    • Choice of investment theme and sustainable investments: do some good with your money
    • Low investment costs
  • With life insurance policies offered in cooperation with AXA, policyholders enjoy privileged protection. Insurance companies are obliged to cover claims under life insurance policies at all times as these are regarded as tied assets. If AXA were to become insolvent, securities (mathematical reserve and surplus share) from ongoing contracts would primarily be transferred to another insurance company which would take over responsibility for continuing the policies. If no transfer to a new insurance company takes place, the entitled persons receive the contractually guaranteed redemption value. Insurance companies are subject to supervision by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), which ensures the solvency of insurers and protects insured persons against abusive practices.

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