Vested benefits account 2nd pillar

Keep your assets safe

Whether you’re changing jobs or spending time abroad – the vested benefits account 2nd pillar from PostFinance is the ideal solution when you give up gainful employment on a temporary or permanent basis. Secure the retirement assets you have already saved from employee benefits – simple as that.

Vested benefits account 2nd pillar: attractive tax advantages

  • Interest rate of 0.01%

  • Total or partial investment in retirement funds – commission-free

  • Encouragement of home ownership

    • Secure preservation of the retirement assets from your pension fund
    • Interest-bearing account deposit or combination with retirement savings funds
    • No notice period
    • Capital can be paid back into a pension fund at any time
    • Capital and income are exempt from tax
    • Payouts taxed at a reduced rate
    • Advance withdrawal / pledging to finance the purchase of owner-occupied housing
  • You have the option of individual investment in securities. You can invest all or part of your vested benefits assets in retirement funds, which means that you actively participate in the performance of the capital markets. Experience shows that you can achieve a higher return over the long term with fund investments.

    Special information: you pay no issuing and redemption commission and can switch between the retirement funds on offer at any time with no commission fees.

  • Vested benefits account 2nd pillar

    Account balancing
    Free of charge
    Account management
    CHF 9 per quarter
    Account closing
    Free of charge
    Purchase of securities
    Free of charge
    Sale of securities
    Free of charge
    Advance withdrawal (encouragement of home ownership)
    One-off handling fee of CHF 400 for payout
    Pledging (encouragement of home ownership)
    Free of charge
    • When you temporarily give up gainful employment (e.g. when you change jobs, spend time abroad or become unemployed)
    • When you give up gainful employment on a prolonged or permanent basis (e.g. when you take maternity leave or leave Switzerland for good)
    • When your new income is below the threshold set for compulsory insurance cover for employee benefits – e.g. due to part-time work or job change
    • When you change employer and cannot transfer all your previously saved vested benefits to the new pension fund
    • When you become self-employed – affiliation with a pension fund is not compulsory for the self-employed
    • When you become entitled to a proportion of your spouse’s pension plan assets as part of a divorce settlement
  • Taking account of the legal requirements, vested benefits capital may be withdrawn on the following grounds:

    • Receipt of retirement benefits (retirement): After reaching the statutory BVG retirement age (men: 65, women: 64), or a maximum of 5 years before or after reaching the statutory BVG retirement age

    • Receipt of a full federal Disability Insurance (IV) pension: Persons who are deemed to be fully disabled in accordance with the definition used for Disability Insurance (IV) purposes (at least 70%) can claim their vested benefits capital

    • Transfer to a new employee benefits institution: As soon as someone is admitted to an employee benefits institution, they are obliged to transfer their entire existing retirement capital to the new scheme

    • Minimal amount: If the existing vested benefits amount to less than one year of employer’s contributions to the pension scheme, the capital may be paid out on the grounds that the amount is minimal

    • Permanent departure from Switzerland: A cash payout can be requested if the individual leaves Switzerland permanently (emigration). Exception: If a person travels to an EU/EFTA country and still has mandatory insurance cover against the risks of old age, death and disability, the vested social security benefits as per BVG (mandatory BVG component) will not be paid out

    • Self-employment: If the pension plan member becomes self-employed and is no longer subject to compulsory occupational pension provision

    • Advance withdrawal for purchase of owner-occupied housing: Subject to legal conditions, a payout or partial payout may be made to help finance the purchase of owner-occupied housing

    • Death of plan member: Vested benefits do not form part of the deceased’s estate and can be paid out in accordance with the law, the regulations and the order of beneficiaries

  • PostFinance offers the vested benefits account in the context of occupational pension provision (2nd pillar) in cooperation with Rendita Vested Benefits Foundation.

  • PostFinance Ltd offers vested benefits accounts in cooperation with a partner and has entered into a contractual relationship with “Rendita Vested Benefits Foundation” for this purpose. When vested benefits assets are deposited as savings, Rendita invests them with PostFinance Ltd. If PostFinance Ltd were to become insolvent, assets in vested benefits accounts would enjoy privileged protection of up to CHF 100,000 per customer (regardless of other deposits). If a customer has both a vested benefits account and a retirement savings account 3a with PostFinance Ltd, the maximum privileged protection of CHF 100,000 applies to both products together. Assets in vested benefits accounts that are invested in funds are protected as segregated assets in accordance with the Collective Investment Schemes Act (CISA). If Rendita Vested Benefits Foundation were to become insolvent, bankruptcy proceedings would be carried out as per the usual legal procedure.

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