Giro international

Transfer money abroad

Transfer money abroad simply with Giro international. You can choose yourself how quickly the recipient will receive the money. Within the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), credit transfers with e-finance are free.

Giro international: for credit transfers across borders

  • Worldwide credit transfers

  • Euro credit transfers in accordance with the SEPA standard 

  • Generally credited to the recipient institution within two to four working days

  • In urgent cases, use “URGENT” 

  • You transfer the amount from your private account

    • In e-finance
    • In writing with a payment or standing order and Giro international form

    Alternatively, you can pay the amount in at a post office

    • With your PostFinance Card
    • With cash (identification with valid ID required)

    IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and BIC (Bank Identifier Code)

    SEPA payments can be executed exclusively with an IBAN – the BIC does not have to be provided anymore. For other transfers, the account number and the BIC or a country-specific code are mandatory. A Giro international (without urgent) to the USA, Canada, Australia, India and China requires a country-specific code if the payment currency matches the currency of the country of the recipient bank. Countries for which the IBAN is mandatory are marked in the IBAN country list.

  • Basic rates for credit transfers in e-finance or with a written payment or standing order

    Credit transfer type
    Credit transfer typeCredit transfer in e-finance within the SEPA area
    PriceFree of charge
    Credit transfer typeCredit transfer in e-finance for all other countries

    CHF 2

    CHF 12 (URGENT)

    Credit transfer typeCredit transfer by payment or standing order

    CHF 5

    CHF 15 (URGENT)

    Note: credit transfers with Giro international are automatically checked to ensure that they meet SEPA requirements.

    Basic rates for inpayments at the post office counter

    Inpayment type
    • Price
    Inpayment typeInpayment with PostFinance Card Direct
    • CHF 12
    • CHF 22 (URGENT)
    Inpayment typeCash inpayment

    CHF 20

    CHF 30 (URGENT)

    Note: cash inpayment includes a fee of CHF 8 from requirements associated with combating money laundering.

  • How long does a credit transfer take?

    • Giro international SEPA: within a maximum of one banking day from the debit date
    • Giro international: within two to four working days
    • Giro international urgent: generally on the same day; best-possible execution. Some recipient banks may not execute the credit immediately. This is beyond PostFinance’s control.

    How does third-party fee payment work with Giro international (SEPA)?

    With Giro international (SEPA) third-party fee payment is not possible as deductions from the credit transfer amount are not authorized.

    How does third-party fee payment work with Giro international worldwide?

    Fees charged to the recipient/shared cost: fees may be charged by involved banks for credit transfers abroad. These fees are usually charged to the beneficiary, i.e. fees are deducted from the amount. The beneficiary therefore does not receive the full transfer amount.

    Fees charged to the client/our cost: All third-party fees for transferring money to the recipient bank are payable by the client as part of a flat fee of CHF 20 (+ basic price). The recipient bank is credited with the full amount.

    What are the credit fees?

    Please note that certain recipient banks can charge their customers a fee for credits received via SEPA and for worldwide payments (irrespective of the charging option). This is beyond PostFinance’s control.

    What is the payment currency?

    You decide in which currency the amount should be credited abroad. Standard procedure is for the amount to be converted into the currency of the destination country. Crediting the amount in CHF (payment currency CHF) is worthwhile only if the end beneficiary’s account abroad is a CHF account. 

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