Foreign exchange forward contract

Choose your own date

In foreign exchange forward contracts, the purchase or sale of the traded foreign currency takes place on a particular date. The amount and rate are agreed in advance and are binding.

Foreign exchange forward contracts: buy or sell at a future date

  • Foreign exchange transactions in 9 foreign currencies and 90 currency pairs

  • Amount and exchange rate fixed in advance on a binding basis

  • Dates: any working day, maximum term 2 years

  • Amounts: any amount over a minimum amount set for each currency (minimum amount available on request)

  • Ideal instrument for hedging in foreign currencies

    • A private account in the relevant currency is required for foreign exchange transactions. The accounts must be in the same name
    • Upon conclusion of a foreign exchange forward contract, a margin of 10% of the total amount on the private account will be reserved
    • The margin (the safety margin to cover the exchange rate risk which the writer of a forward transaction has to put up or deposit) will be constantly adjusted in accordance with market conditions during the course of the foreign exchange forward contract
  • CHF
    Swiss franc
    Australian dollar
    Canadian dollar
    Danish krone
    British pound
    Japanese yen
    Norwegian krone
    Swedish krona
    United States dollar

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