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Welcome to PostFinance – valuable tips on getting started

Thank you for choosing PostFinance. Here you can find out why you should ideally combine our easy-to-use online and mobile banking services with your private account, as well as taking advantage of the benefits offered by your new PostFinance Card.

Mobile banking with the PostFinance App

The PostFinance App – the mobile banking solution from PostFinance – gives you access to your accounts from your smartphone. This means that you not only stay on top of your account balance and movements at all times, you also have access via e-finance to additional services such as payment or standing orders and e-trading. With fingerprint, login is particularly easy. Build up your digital knowledge with PostFinance’s free Go Digital courses.

Online banking with e-finance

E-finance is the online banking solution from PostFinance. After one-off registration, you can manage your finances conveniently online. You can call up your account movements on screen, pay your invoices and set up standing orders. With the e-cockpit feature, you can also create your own personal budget. And if you want to benefit through your account from preferential offers that match your needs perfectly, we recommend our PostFinance Benefit service.

More information on our digital solutions

PostFinance Card

With the PostFinance Card, you can withdraw cash at all Postomats and post offices in Switzerland free of charge. And all newly issued cards also include the contactless payment function, which you can use to pay small amounts without having to enter your code.

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