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Welcome to PostFinance. We help you manage your money as easily as possible. Use the private account as the basis for your day-to-day financial transactions, and access it at any time in e-finance. The easiest way to do this is using the PostFinance App, which will help you keep on top of your finances at all times both online and via mobile. You can also benefit from our investment opportunities and make your money work for you.

Get easy access to your accounts

You can make day-to-day payments and financial transactions really easily with the private account. It is perfect as a salary account or a pension account. Supplement it with a savings account and be a flexible saver. E-finance or the PostFinance App will enable you to keep on top of your accounts at all times both online and via mobile.

Find the ideal product with ease

You can find the ideal product for you by answering a few questions.

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Use the app to become a customer and carry out banking transactions

You can become a PostFinance customer easily using the PostFinance app and then carry out your banking transactions conveniently on the app. Open your starter package in just a few minutes. There’s no need to fill out paper documents or to go to a post office to verify your identity – digital is so simple. Whether on your smartphone, computer or tablet, it has pretty much never been quicker or easier to gain access to your banking transactions. Reservations? In our “Go Digital” courses, you can find out step-by-step how to carry out your banking transactions digitally with absolute ease. 

Get more from your money

Want to make your money work for you? PostFinance offers suitable investment opportunities, such as the funds saving plan, which you can invest small sums into on a regular basis. Get the investment knowledge you need by going to the investment blog, or find yourself a suitable investment product right away.

Make cashless payments with ease

Thanks to the contactless feature they come with, our credit and debit cards are ideal for making cashless payments really easily. You can also use PostFinance TWINT, the handy app for making payments in online shops, in stores or with friends.

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