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Created on 07.12.2020 | Updated on 03.03.2021

PostFinance App: these five features will make your life easier.

Make payments on the go, check your balance or custody account transactions, manage and block your card – all these and many other financial options are available in just a few clicks via the PostFinance App.

The digital world is moving at breakneck speed. The same’s true of finance. There’s scarcely a soul now who’d give up the convenience and 24-hour availability of e-banking.

E-banking means you can carry out pretty much all banking business on your own PC. It allows you to pay bills from the comfort of your own home, set up standing orders and buy/sell shares. You can even communicate with banking staff thanks to the chat feature, which is often incorporated into e-banking. We all once thought things couldn’t get any easier.

And yet, they did – thanks to mobile banking. Mobile banking saves you having to drag yourself to your desk to boot up your computer. We always carry our smartphones around with us in our pockets – either that or we’re actually holding them.

Mobile banking lets you carry out banking operations when you’re on the go too. Waiting for the tram? Why not take a quick look at your account balance. In the queue at the supermarket? Why not quickly pay a bill in the mobile banking app.

In this article, we explain what else the PostFinance mobile banking app can do to make your life easier.

Log in with just a smile

Access your e-finance account in the PostFinance App quickly and easily, no matter where you are – all you need is your fingerprint or Face ID, and you’ll be logged in in no time. The login procedure that recognizes your facial features or fingerprint is free of charge, and only needs to be activated once. After that, you no longer need to enter a password to get into e-banking. By using e-finance in the PostFinance App, you can check your account balance anywhere and anytime, make payments and view your custody account transactions. You’ll soon find you can deal with your banking matters really quickly and with very little effort.

Face ID and fingerprint identification are also more than just the gateway to your e-finance account. These features can also be used to make payments online more quickly and conveniently.

Whichever method you select for the app, multi-factor authentication is used, and the most stringent security requirements will be met. What’s more, an encrypted connection is provided between your device and PostFinance.

Shop online quickly and securely while on the go

Hey, online shopping! You’d be hard pressed to find an easier way to shop than with just a few clicks from the comfort of your sofa. To make your digital shopping experience even better, use the PostFinance App to make easy payments with Face ID or your fingerprint. This will save you having to enter your credit card or PostFinance Card number. With 3D Secure, Mastercard/Visa and PostFinance also provide a secure way to make payments online.

Everything under control? This way, you keep tabs on everything

Urgently waiting for a payment, or do you want to know how your shares are performing? If so, activate push notifications in the PostFinance App to keep a constant eye on your account activities. Just sit back and wait for the notification to arrive! It’s easy to set up the notifications you need in e-finance or in the PostFinance App. Would you prefer an alternative way of receiving push notifications to the mobile app? You can also receive notifications to your e-mail address or as texts to your mobile phone.

Never fork out too much for your bills again

It’s happened to us all: a bill arrives, but you don’t get around to paying it straight away. That can wait! Let’s just leave it until tomorrow, or maybe the day after. Sometimes, however, you end up completely forgetting about it. After the first one, a second invoice arrives a few days later, including a warning fee.

Tired of simply throwing money down the drain? With PostFinance’s Scan + Pay feature, you can pay your bills in an instant which means you’ll no longer have an excuse to keep putting them off. Simply scan in the inpayment slip you want to settle and select the relevant debit account. The bill will be approved right away. Say goodbye to needless warning fees.

Has your PostFinance Card or credit card gone missing or been stolen? How to take immediate action

It’s a real pain when your EC card or credit card goes missing or is stolen. But if you act fast, you can prevent your card from being used by fraudsters. In the PostFinance App, you can block your PostFinance debit cards and credit cards quickly and easily in the event of an emergency. You can also order a replacement card there and then. You can block and unblock cards free of charge. Find out what else you can do to minimize the risk of something happening to your debit card, prepaid card or credit card in our article “How to use your card – with these five tips you’ll be safe, not sorry”.

The “Manage cards” option in the PostFinance App also provides other useful features, for instance adjusting your card limits or geoblocking, which you can use to limit cash withdrawals abroad.

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