PostFinance Card in CHF

Can be used in Switzerland and worldwide

The PostFinance Card combined with Debit Mastercard® enables you to withdraw cash worldwide and shop conveniently online or in stores throughout Switzerland and abroad.

PostFinance Card in CHF: convenient, versatile and transparent

  • Contactless payment: fast and convenient

  • PostFinance Card combined with Debit Mastercard: pay in online shops and in stores worldwide

  • Individual card limits can be agreed with the account manager

  • Direct debit from your business account

  • Transparent invoicing

  • Make payments in shops

    You can pay with your PostFinance Card wherever the PostFinance logo is displayed. The card is also accepted wherever the Mastercard logo is displayed.

    When making your first contactless payment, a transaction using your PIN is required.

    Make payments in online shops

    You can pay with your PostFinance Card in online shops. Where this option is not available, select “Mastercard”. This means you can pay with your PostFinance Card in online shops worldwide.

    Make payments via Mastercard – how to proceed

    In the online shop, select the “Mastercard” option and follow the instructions. In most cases, you will have to enter the following data from your card (additional checks are at the merchant’s discretion):

    • Card number
    • Card expiry date
    • Card verification number

    Pay securely in online shops

    Pay securely with your PostFinance Card. If you make the payment with Mastercard, the globally accepted 3-D Secure procedure is used. Complete a one-time activation for 3-D Secure now.

    Precondition: Swiss mobile phone number

    In e-finance

    Activate 3-D Secure in the credit card settings in e-finance.

    In the app

    Activate 3-D Secure in four steps in the PostFinance App.

    1. On the app homepage choose “More”
    2. Tap on “My cards”
    3. Select the card for which you want to activate 3-D Secure
    4. Activate 3-D Secure in the card settings

    Without e-finance or app

    Activate 3-D Secure by The link will open in a new window entering your card data. It takes several working days to complete the registration.

    Make contactless payments

    With the contactless function, you can pay sums of up CHF 100 with the PostFinance Card without needing to enter a PIN. The limit is CHF 80 for purchases processed with the Debit Mastercard. Simply hold your card against the payment terminal, and your purchase is complete. For amounts above the limit, you will also need to enter your PIN.

    Cash withdrawals in Switzerland

    With the PostFinance Card, you can make free cash withdrawals at Postomats, in post offices, at Migros customer service, at Coop Pronto Shops and at Denner.

    Cash withdrawals at ATMs in Switzerland are free of charge with the SmartPlus, SmartYoung or SmartStudents banking package. It costs CHF 2 to withdraw Swiss francs with the Smart banking package. Withdrawal of euros costs CHF 5. Since 13 December 2022, cash withdrawals at ATMs have only been available with the PostFinance Card combined with Debit Mastercard.

    Cash withdrawals abroad

    Please note the information on withdrawing money at ATMs in the Mastercard networks. The information does not originate from PostFinance and no responsibility is accepted for its accuracy. Since 11 september 2023, cash withdrawals abroad have only been available with the PostFinance Card combined with Debit Mastercard.

    Cash withdrawals from savings accounts

    At Postomats, written registration required

    Inpayments to your own account

    In post offices

    Card security

    Learn about the most important recommendations for safe card use:

  • Preconditions

    • Business account in CHF or association account in CHF
    • Cardholder with sole signatory rights for business account or association account

    Withdrawal limits

    Cash withdrawals at ATMs
    CHF 1,000 per day
    Cash withdrawals at post offices
    Account balance in terms of cash holdings
    Goods purchases
    CHF 3,000 per day
    Monthly limit per card
    CHF 5,000
    Monthly limit per account if more than one card
    CHF 5,000


    • The maximum withdrawal amount depends on the terminal. Amounts that exceed the terminal limit can be withdrawn in several instalments. Any applicable fees are charged for each withdrawal.
    • At unattended petrol stations, a standard amount of CHF 150 is reserved prior to the fuel purchase. On receipt of the actual amount after the fuel is purchased, the reserved amount is deleted and the actual amount debited.
    • The PostFinance Card may only be used for recurring payments online up to a specified monthly limit: CHF 1,500 or EUR 1,300 per month.
    • The PostFinance Card may only be used for one-off payments online up to a specified monthly limit: CHF 500 or EUR 350 per month.
    • Payments with the PostFinance Card via the Migros app can only be made up to a limit of CHF 1500 each month.
    • Post offices: Please note amount limits applicable at the The link will open in a new window location selected.
  • Annual fee

    The PostFinance Card costs CHF 30 per year.
    Upon cancellation of the card, there will be no partial reimbursement of the annual fee that has been paid.

    Card usage

    Cash withdrawal at ATM in Switzerland
    CHF withdrawal: CHF 2
    EUR withdrawal: CHF 5
    Cash withdrawal at ATMs abroad
    CHF 5, regardless of local currency
    Inpayments to own account
    Up to 20 inpayments per month free of charge; from 21 inpayments per month similar to inpayments at the post office counter using a QR bill.
    Purchase of goods/services
    A processing fee of 1.5% applies on purchases made abroad (goods or services bought in shops and online incl. online shops of foreign retailers).

    Card blocking & card replacement

    Card blocking

    Via Hotline/customer advisor
    Via E-Finance


    CHF 20 per report
    Free of charge

    Card replacement

    Via Hotline/customer advisor
    Via E-Finance


    CHF 40 per card
    CHF 25 per card

    Card blocking and card replacement

    In the event of loss or theft, cards can be blocked for a charge of CHF 20 per card reported and replaced for CHF 30 per card. Cards can also be sent abroad.

Order your new PostFinance Card in CHF

To order a PostFinance Card from PostFinance, you must first become a customer. As a business customer with an existing banking relationship with PostFinance, you can easily order the PostFinance Card online now.

You are a new business customer

For all customers who don’t yet have a business relationship with PostFinance

You are already a business customer

For existing business customers who want to order a PostFinance Card

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