PostFinance Visa Business Card

Ideal for business travel and expenses

With the PostFinance Visa Business Card, you are well-served on business trips worldwide – whether paying online, in restaurants, hotels and shops or making cash withdrawals worldwide.

PostFinance Visa Business Card: make payments and cash withdrawals worldwide

  • Make purchases and withdraw cash worldwide

  • Management 24/7 in e-finance

  • Pay using Apple Pay and Samsung Pay

  • Individual limits can be set for each employee

  • Monthly batch and individual invoicing

  • Bonus programme – with up to 0.6% cashback

  • With unlimited cashback for the business cards from PostFinance, you can benefit from a turnover reimbursement of 0.3%. In the first year you even receive a double bonus. The payment is made directly into your business account every six months, in June and December.

    Cashback on the sales turnover achieved:

    • 0.6% in the first year
    • 0.3% from the second year
  • Design

    24/7 management in e-finance

    Thanks to secure e-finance, you have your credit card under control at all times:

    • Real-time display of all your transactions, card limits and available amounts
    • Load credit onto your card to increase your available amounts
    • Receive free notifications about completed transactions (push or text notifications)
    • Block or unblock your card and order a replacement card or a replacement PIN
    • Set the preferred payment method for the monthly credit card invoice

    Mobile payment solutions

    Pay securely, more easily and quickly. The PostFinance Visa Business Card can be stored with the following providers:

    Avis – discounted car rental

    Book your rented vehicle via the link below and pay with your PostFinance Visa Business Card. You will be granted the discount automatically.

    Rental vehicles can be booked by calling 0848 811 818. Quote the AWD number (Avis Worldwide Discount number). You can find it on the back of your Business Card.

    Card security

    Make secure payments worldwide with PostFinance credit cards thanks to the latest chip technology and 3-D Secure.

  • Preconditions

    The company is domiciled in Switzerland or Liechtenstein and has a business account in CHF with PostFinance.

    Card prices

    Main card
    CHF 80/year
    Additional card
    CHF 80/year

    The annual fee is directly debited from the customer’s card balance.

    Replacement cards

    Via hotline/customer advisor
    CHF 30 per card
    Via e-finance
    CHF 25 per card

    Payments and cash withdrawals

    Monthly spending limit
    Transactions abroad incl. online shops of foreign retailers (CHF/foreign currencies)
    1.7% processing surcharge (The exchange rate (selling rate) used is set once a day and is valid for processing on the next working day.)
    Cash withdrawal at ATMs in Switzerland and abroad
    3.5% commission (minimum CHF 10)
    Lottery, betting and casino transactions
    3.5% commission (excluding Swisslos and Loterie Romande. The maximum commission is CHF 100.)
    Monthly cash withdrawal limit
    • CHF 1,000/day from ATMs
    • Max. 40% of the spending limit

    Payment methods

    Monthly invoice payment deadline
    20 days, default interest charged thereafter
    Debit or invoice
    Charged via Swiss Debit Direct, e-bill or with inpayment slip (free of charge in e-finance)
    Annual interest rate in the event of default
    Increase in available amount
    By inpayment to card account

Apply for your new company credit card

To apply for the Visa Business credit card from PostFinance, you must first become a customer. As a business customer with an existing banking relationship with PostFinance, you can easily apply for the Visa Business company credit card online now.

You are a new business customer

For all customers who don’t yet have a business relationship with PostFinance

You are already a business customer

For existing business customers who want to apply for a company credit card

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