Business account in foreign currency

Payment transactions without the currency risk

The business account in foreign currency opens up a world of global payment transactions. Eight major currencies are available. The easiest way to manage your account is electronically in e-finance.

Business account in foreign currency: for global payment transactions

  • Business account for global payment transactions outside the eurozone

  • Minimized currency risks

  • Efficient account management in e-finance

  • Foreign exchange trading: spot transactions and foreign exchange forward contracts in foreign currency

  • Australian dollar (AUD)
    Canadian dollar (CAD)
    Danish krone (DKK)
    British pound (GBP)
    Japanese yen (JPY)
    Norwegian krone (NOK)
    Swedish krona (SEK)
    US dollar (USD)
  • Account management for business customers with fewer than 60,000 transactions within Switzerland costs CHF 2/month

    Customers domiciled abroad pay an additional fee of CHF 25 per business account and per month.

    Standard notification

    You can choose the interval at which you receive your account statement. The costs depend on the notification cycle and on whether you would prefer to receive statements in e-finance or on paper.

    Account statement on paper
    CHF 3/Document
    Electronic account statement (in e-finance)
    Free of charge

Open your new business account in a foreign currency

To open a business account with PostFinance, you must first become a customer. As a business customer with an existing banking relationship with PostFinance, you can easily open a business account online now in one of eight foreign currencies.

You are a new business customer

For all customers who don’t yet have a business relationship with PostFinance

You are already a business customer

For existing business customers who want to open a business account in a foreign currency

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